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Is this prostatitis or UTI?

A couple of weeks ago I had burning feeling around my anus, tingling feeling when urinating and pain in prostate gland area. I also had 1 or 2 red rashes under the foreskin that go went away after 2-3 days. I went to urgent care and they tested for STDs(excluding herpes and HPV) which came back negative. Then a few days later I also saw stringy pus like thing in my urine. My urine is also yellow most of the time.  All these things went away but 4-5 days ago I again started to have pain in prostate gland area and pus in urine after I masturbated. Please help me in understanding these symptoms.
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You don't have pain?  In the absence of pain, I'm not sure it would be either of these. Your main continuing issue is pus in urine after you masturbate?  For deep yellow urine, this usually is a sign of dehydration. Try to increase your water or liquid intake.
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Every few days i have pain/tightness in the prostate  area and i also  noticed burning feeling with precum.
Could be prostatitis, but can’t necessarily rule out a UTI either. I think you need to see your regular Dr. 1st, prbly will do a urinalysis (very simple test) to either confirm or rule out UTI. If not a UTI, next suspect would be prostatitis. They can test for that as well, in fact, may be able to test for both in a single visit. If no positive diagnosis, you might need to see a Urologist, but I’m betting the reg Dr. will be able to handle it. Good luck, hope you get a good diagnosis & get to the bottom of it.
Thanks GuitarRox and BonzoDog for the response. The symptoms are so confusing I dont know what to expect.
You're welcome, hope our advice is of some help to you. It's not uncommon with this type of thing for symptoms to be confusing - symptoms of UTI, prostatitis & other ailments in the urogenital area can overlap somewhat. If you seek treatment & get a urinalysis & other tests, let us know how it turns out. All of us can continue to learn more & then be able to offer even better advice going forward...
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