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Post vasectomy smell

I had a vasectomy 1 week ago and 3 days or so ago I noticed a smell coming from the left incision site with a yellowish stuff on the wound that I can't clean off. The right side is almost completely healed up and the left side is about half way healed. It doesn't seem infected because it's not really red or swollen and it doesn't hurt to bad unless it sticks to something. I got back to the doctor in a week for a follow up but I'm wondering what could cause this. I haven't cleaned it as good as normal because obviously it hurts to scrub the areas. Should I be concerned or will this go away on its own?  Both sides haD the same yellowish stuff but the right has cleared up and doesn't have a smell. The right side was also a smaller incision and more anterior than the left which is more lateral and against my leg which I think is the main cause of the issues since it's a sweaty area.
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Anyone suggestions?  
Here's an update also:
I have been putting a bandaid on that left side to prevent it from sticking and getting irritated and it seemed to help a lot. It's not healed up but looks like an ugly scar where as the right side I can't even tell anything was done except the stiches sticking out from the skin a little.

A concern of mine at the moment is this white spot on the incision site that I thought was a fluid leaking out is still there and I fear that it's actually my vas deferon outside of the skin. Is that possible?  The smell has somewhat gone away and isn't near as strong which is reassuring but this white circle is alarming if it is my actually vas deferon. It's flush to the skin and no amount of wiping or dabbing with a cloth makes it go away or move. What else could it be?
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