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Visible White Clumps in Urine

I have visible white drop in urine which can be small but visible but can also be about as large as a contact lens.  Initially I thought they were globs of fat because they float.  They look like dried disks and feel similar to a contact lens when I got a sample.  This happens the morning after what I would call a long (.5 to 1 hour) sex.  I am 50.  I had a CT a year ago and it was clear.  Also have negative urinalysis, but haven't submitted a sample of white drops to my urologist yet.  He did say he's seen nothing like it when I showed him a picture.

I also have pain in my perineum and testicle left side for 2 years (related to bike riding).  I think this is probably related to that.  I should not that the left side pain reduced significantly but didn't go away with yoga stretch and decreased activity.  I suspect some kind of retrograde ejaculation and wonder if its possible I've kinked my vas?
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Just an educated guess here, but it does seem like retrograde ejaculation is a possibility. I’ve seen where semen ejaculated in water seems to form gel-like clumps, so maybe that’s what you’re seeing. As to causes or cures, I think you’ll need a good Urologist, he/she will want to examine you & prbly order some tests. My guess is this is prbly not smthg serious, but I would get it checked out - if it were happening to me, I’d wanna know what’s going on. Good luck w/ this & please check back in later & let us know what’s found…
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