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Toddler developement

My son is going to be three and i noticed that one of his testicles is bigger than the other. Im a young mother and Im clueless. It doesnt hurt him but it worries me. Is it normal in child development or should I have him get checked?
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You have noting to worry about, the left testicle most of the time is slightly larger then the left. This is normal.

All the best.
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In normal physiology also, there is a difference in size of both the testicles. There is nothing to worry about and it is present in all males. The left testicle is slightly bigger and hangs at a lower level. However if there is massive difference then hydrocele has to be ruled out.
Hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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Thank you for your help. Being a first time mother is a little hard because I dont know much. But I am learing as I go. Thanks again this really takes that worry away.
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