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Urethroplasty Surgery Recovery

I am a 34 year old male. I have had to deal with a urethral stricture since childhood, having a few minor surgeries for it but recently and for the first time, I had a urethroplasty surgery for it, and I had to wear a catheter for 3 weeks. Initially, the doctor told me I would have to abstain from sexual activity for 6 weeks after the surgery. But upon the 3 weeks when it was time to remove the catheter, he told me that if I felt up to it, to go for it, but be aware that most likely I would bleed. Not in a rush for sex, but just hoping for a smooth and complete recovery, dealing with the process has been a bit stressful and worrysome. before i had the catheter taken out, I would have really frequent "night erections", and with a catheter you can guess they were pretty uncomfortable. Well I figured that wouldnt be a problem once it was removed, but here I am, about 5 weeks after surgery, and my erections are still awkwardly discomforting or painful.... I notice that it is not my usual angle of erection, and it almost feels as if my penis is trying to bend at a 90 degree angle to the right while stiffening. Now, my erections were always pretty strong and stiff, but these erections im getting now, are not the same. the angle is different, and maybe because im trying mentally to keep them from becoming full blown, they aren't at their peak. there is some noticeable soreness on the right side of my penis at the back (start) of it, most likely where the curving starts. And because my erections have always been so strong, Im very nervous about them in this condition because it almost feels like if they throb or pulsate too intensely, I might tear something.... My body is definitely still recovering from the surgery in my penile area and inside my mouth where they took tissue from my cheeks to patch the stricture. The doctor said that my cheeks would still be healing but he didnt say anything about my painful erections until I called to address them... It feels like this process could take 6 months and not just "6 weeks" like he first stated.... HAS ANYONE BEEN THROUGH THIS PROCESS ALREADY?? AND IF SO, WHAT DID YOU EXPERIENCE, AND HOW HAS YOUR PROGRESS BEEN??
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Hey, how much progress have you had?

I'm 9 days in my recovery right now and also have a 90 degree bent penis. Please tell me its just the stitching or some that works itself out. Would like to know how you made out as you described the exact same things I'm going through
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