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Please help me interpret this
Rbc 29.1 / uL
Wbc 10.2 / uL
Epith cells 22.1 / uL
Cast 0.26/uL
Bacteria 495.6/uL

Color - straw
Transparancy - clear
Ph- 6.5
Specific gravity - 1.005

Glucuse - neg
Protein - neg
Ketone - neg
Blood - large
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Your bacteria count is also high indicating an infection - probably a UTI.

You're physician will have the best answers for you.

Best of Luck,
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You have A large amount of blood in your urine  which  suggest that you may have inflammation or infection somewhere. Your red and white blood count are in normal ranges.The color of your urine is yellow/straw (normal) and the clarity is good. Everything else is in normal ranges as well. Talk to your doc to about the blood in urine if they have not already contacted you. I'm currently undergoing this (my urine is dark but I have no liver or kidney pain which is scary) and have to get a ct scan as my urinalysis also suggest that everything is normal. So they don't know what's causing the bleeding. I'll pray for us both. Let me know how it goes.
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