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Uti/Yeast/BV/IC - WHAT IS IT

Sorry for the length of this, but it's been a long two months...

In late May I noticed some bladder discomfort after sex, slight vaginal burning and a full belly. It subsided until intercourse a few days later with the same symptoms. The next morning, the symptoms were persistent, so I figured I had a UTI. Not having insurance at the time, I tried unsweetened cran, kefir, probiotics, blueberries, lots of water but the symptoms remained.

By day 4 I went to the clinic and the nurse and doc were divided on whether or not it was a UTI based on the dip stick, so they gave me a 4 day course of general abx and tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea. No relief of symptoms, std's were negative. Went back to clinic and they tested again, this time the dipstick showed no bacteria. The doc tested for vaginal yeast but there was none so she sent the urine to be cultured and gave me a 7 day scrip of Macrobid.

By day 3, the symptoms were 75% gone but then by day 4 they were back. She called on day 5 to say the culture was clear but that it may be a yeast infection that had gotten into the urethra. I took 3 day Monistat and the symptoms went from urgency/frequency of urination to just urethral burning. I then became convinced I had an overgrowth of candida in my system (I have had yeast infections countless times since my teens, not to mention BV, my tongue is always white and furry, I cough up small white chunks sometimes and often have a bad taste in my mouth) so I convinced the clinic doc to give me Diflucan. She gave me one pill which helped, but it wasn't enough.

Symptoms were back in full force. I got insurance and saw a new GYN. She looked under the microscope at a sample and saw clue cells indicating bacterial infection, so she prescribed me with a 7 day course of Flagyl (metronidazole) for BV. By day 3, symptoms were 95% gone and I had a normal day. By the evening, symptoms were back and persisted until I finished the scrip. At this point I was taking homeopathic anti-inflammatories which decreased the urgency, but allowed me to feel some very intense lower back pain and soreness. I also then noticed low grade sore throats and fatigue at this time.

I next saw a new GP who did a full physical and sent me to a urologist. She said IC was unlikely and thought it was still BV based on discharge and symptoms. Prescribed 10 more days of Flagyl and cultured urine and vaginal sample. Day 2 of abx, no symptoms. By nightfall, symptoms were back.  I did some research on BV and started doing the hydrogen peroxide douche followed by probiotic suppositories and finally felt like I was getting better. Much less frequency and urgency. I could go for long walks, go swim, smile once in a while because my bladder didn't feel like it was going to explode or burn off.

Well, both cultures it turns out were clear for the usual suspects (e. coli, gardnerella, etc). Went back to GYN who is running a test for Group B Strep now. She also found yeast in my vagina and prescribed me 2 days of diflucan. After 4 days off abx (flagyl), 3 of them were hopeful as symptoms were negligent if there at all. Now on day 4/5 they are back.  My tongue is as white and furry as ever and I did a simple saliva test, which resulted in long hairlike particles as well as lots of snowy white bits that sunk to the bottom of the water glass. I believe I have a candida overgrowth in my system.

Has anyone here dealt with this before? Has anyone had similar problems/symptoms as mine? I have read about broth culturing for bacteria and yeast in urine and want to send a sample to the United Medical Labs in Virginia. Any success with that? I'm desperate for insight.

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I have the EXACT SAME THING going on. I've always been convinced that it's ic but have been discouraged by doctors. Right now I've had pelvic pain and urgency since May that comes and goes on its own regardless of what I do, or what I eat. Burning, urethral pain the whole 9 yards. I assumed it was just ic and followed the ic diet but I'm still not having any luck. A few nights ago my symptoms took a turn for the worst and I ended up in urgent care where I was finally diagnosed with a uti, bv, and a yeast infection. I have had all of these before numrous times and do everything under the sun to avoid getting them. In so glad to hear that I'm not alone. If you've had something that works for you please reply.
I have continuous symptoms of bv for quite a few years. During those years I was suffering more often than not. I had the usual symptoms of bv...fishy odor, watery discharge and the worst depression and anxiety because of these symptoms. I tried EVERYTHING! The peroxide douche, the apple cider vinegar douche, probiotic drinks, probiotic pills... I went broke purchasing the probiotic pills and all the probiotic yogurt drinks! Some of these things would work for a few days but then sure enough my BV was back. The other day I went to the doctor and come to find out I also have a UTI so the doctor prescribed me the antibiotic macrobid 100 mg twice daily for 7 days. I finished my prescription of Macrobid about a week ago and I believe it also cured my BV. I have tried every antibiotic and this one seems to be helping me. Apparently this antibiotic is only for the bacteria that causes the UTI so I don't know why it made my BV disappear. So as of today I am extremely grateful that I started Macrobid, an antibiotic that I have never been on until now.
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