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Varicocele Surgery For Low T ??


I have bilateral Varicocele.

1. How much value will micro surgery bring to raising low T levels from 200?  This issue only came up regarding Low T issues.  Just discovered Varicocele, grade 3 on left side.  Been low for three years,.  Am 43.  LH normal.

2.  How much damage has been done with 20 + years of having this varicocele.  Is damage done for this long reversable at this age via surgery??

3. One doctor told me "no rush" you can start TRT and maybe look at this down the road.  Another said, you should fix varicocele first and see how/if it improves your T ... if it does not, then TRT.  Your thoughts?

4.  If I start TRT and not fix varicocele... does the varicocele shut down along with Testes and stop any negative effects it is doing?

5.  Have you any info on Varicocele contributing to prostate cancer?

Just having very hard time figuring which route to take ... and how much value, if any, I will get via surgery per improving my T levels.  Some say surgery may not help at all, but new research says it could help some.

Rather not do suregry, but if I am going to do it, probably should do it before starting TRT, to see any value with any external T in my system.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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