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weird pimple like lump on scotum

Hi, so im 15 year old virgin and im too embarrassed to go see a doctor or let my mother know about the problem and just 2 days ago i got this very large what i thought was a pimple on my scrotum i popped it almost immediately but it keeps coming back or re-inflating itself sort of like a balloon. I do masturbate but i have never had sex and its just worrying me if anyone has any input on it id greatly appreciate it.
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Sounds innocuous but potentially bothersome aesthetically (appearance wise), but then, who's looking?  

If it's not causing discomfort, I suggest leaving it alone until you've some other reason to see a doctor.  If it starts causing discomfort, at 15 you may be old enough to visit a clinic on your own and have it assessed, possibly dealt with.  I think continuing to pop it is risking complications (and, you've already found that approach is not a solution).
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thanks for your input, i have forgot to mention that when i touch it or it rubs against my thigh it does cause discomfort but not the extent that it would hinder me in anyway besides my attention from my school teachers
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I suppose rubbing ought to be avoided (switching from boxers to jockey shorts might do the trick).
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