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Vitamin D deficiency?

So, the rheumatologist called today and said that I have vitamin D deficiency. I didn't get the numbers but they gave me a prescription for a vitamin d supplement to take 1 x /week for 12 weeks? What does this mean? I didn't get to talk to the dr!
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That means you have a nice and easy fix! Congratulations! You will have to take the supplements until you reach an optimum level. He might keep you on a lower dosage indefinately after that. So glad it is something easy to fix for you!  :)
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It's that easy? I got the prescription and took it with dinner. We'll see I guess. In the back of my mind, I am secretly hoping this will make me feel better. I have had a rough couple of months. Fingers crossed! Thanks and good luck to you.
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Most people would find that they have a vit D def if they got it checked. The best way to get vit D is from the sun, but with skin cancer and sunscreen and just plain ole not going in the sun these days people are lacking. even depending on where you live makes a difference. I live in MA and my Dr told me that the sun here doesnt even get strong enough to make a difference, infact he said that GA is the best place to live as far as that. In GA it takes only about 10 minutes of exposure to get your daily dose! :) Good luck with the suppliments. they work great at building up your level and helping you maintain it. vit D def has been linked to SO many medical problems lately its amazing!
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