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Shortness of Breath & Slight Headache while jogging

I am 31 years old male, 5'9" & 194 lbs. Have been a smoker for last 12 years & have recently quit smoking since last 6 months. Recently about a month back, I was diagnosed with HIGH BP & my BP was around 152/100. The doctor has advised to start medication and reduce weight. Currently I am on Homeopathic Treatment and am going for morning Brisk Walks & slight jog for 30 minutes since last 3 weeks.

I am experiencing severe shortness of breath and a very slight headache / dizziness immediately after i start running. Only after 25 meters of slight jogging I am experiencing shortness of breath. Could someone tell me how to cure this (whether thru YOGA or medications) and is there anything to worry about this condition? It would be a great help.

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Are you on blood pressure medication ?  
You should talk to your Doctor about this.  You may not be getting enough air to jog. Walking may be enough for now till you build up your strength.
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Weight loss is mostly about what you eat. The exercise part is to help keep you healthy and active, keep your heart strong and help speed up your metabolism and preventing injury from lack of movement in body parts, especially those we don't use every day during normal activities.
It's important that you're getting the right nutrition and calories to keep your body functioning properly. If cardio is difficult, try doing some short interval training, bodyweight movements. Squats, lunges, push-ups, crunches, etc.... Don't push yourself till you're out of breath, go at a moderate pace and build your endurance slowly. Allow your lungs to adjust, if you can..... Go to somewhere at a higher elevation and get acclimated to the altitude. Many athletes train in high elevation because of the lack of oxygen, by doing this it enables them to build endurance rapidly and when they get back to a lower elevation they have a lot more endurance and lung capacity. It trains your body to utilize oxygen more effectively.
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You might have COPD which is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. This causes shortness of breath in adult smokers. Have your lungs checked out by a Pulmonary physician.
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I agree that you should try just a brisk walk for the time being until you build your stamina.  Sometimes, it's important to start exercise slowly, if you aren't used to it.  Once you can walk briskly for a while and don't feel that it's much of a challenge, you can try a slow jog, alternating with brisk walk.

Yoga will also help you with your breathing.
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Also forgot to mention that you might want to have your thyroid checked out.  I had severe shortness of breath when I my hypothyroidism was at its worst.  Get tested for Free T3, Free T4 and TSH.
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Thanks.  I am not on allopathic medicines. I am currently taking a Homeopathic treatment where major focus is given on my eating habbits and the diet i consume alongwith few medicines.
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Thanks. I was thinking of getting my lungs checked. I haven't got it done ever. Do you recommend any specific tests while getting my lungs checked. I would get it done in a weeks time & share the results.
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Thanks. I would get my Thyroid checked. It is anyways pending since a year now.
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