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Sunday Weigh-In September 2, 2018

Good morning everyone.  Well, here we are, into a new month already... It's promising to be a bright, sunny day in my world; I hope everyone else is having a great Labor Day weekend.  

There's not a lot going on here; summer is winding down and area schools have been in progress for almost a month now.  I hear so many people say that Florida doesn't have a change in seasons but, apparently, they simply aren't attuned to the environment very well - at least, that's my opinion... lol  Although we're still getting daily temperatures in the upper 90's, there's a change in the air and the heat isn't as "intense" as the upper 90's of June/July.  There's just that "feeling of fall" in the air - maybe it's because the days are getting shorter; it's getting daylight a bit later and dark a bit earlier.  Maybe I'm just more in tune with it because I dread the short days of winter, even when the weather stays warm and worse yet when it gets cold.

I'm thinking that with fall in the air, the summer challenge should be brought to an end and I'll start something else soon... I'll continue the weigh-in though for those that are interested in participating...

Anyway, I've been trying to put in time in my shop when I can, but it's not always easy.  When my husband doesn't have projects to work on, he wants to "do something", which leaves me looking for activities we can both enjoy.  That's one of the hazards of being retired - those projects we have on hold while we're working and never have time for, end up getting completed way too quickly when that's all we have to do.  Eventually, the house gets full of "stuff" and there's nowhere to put more so we have to stop and rethink the options.  Personally, everything I make is up for sale; my husband has different views - he likes to make "large" items and he also likes to keep what he makes and at some point, clutter reigns and disagreement about whether or not we have room for "one more thing" aren't uncommon...

Anyway, that's where we seem to be - I've been making my ink pens and they're turning out very well - guess what everyone I know is getting for Christmas... lol  I'm also teaching myself to do leather work - bracelets, belts, etc so I have plenty of irons in the fire for right now.  My shop is getting full of tools that I have no storage for - that's the next problem to solve.  

Well, it's not really the next problem to solve - the next problem to solve is my weight... Somehow, I've managed to go the wrong direction this week and gain a pound instead of losing.  I've eaten well and even got more exercise, so I'm not sure what's happened.  

Yesterday, we went to a large Farmer's Market and I stocked up on fresh veggies so this week, I plan to keep track of what/how much I'm eating and see if I can figure out what's going on.  Although I'm only up a pound from last week, I'm up a total of 3 pounds since we left to go on our vacation at the end of July... I did gain on vacation, but I lost since then, now I'm on an upward trend again for some reason.  Thyroid is often the root of an upward trend like this, but I'm not due to be tested until January, so I'll have to make the best of it on my own...

So - that's my story - how are all of you doing??  Let us know how your week has gone.  I hope it's been well.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Hi, it's amazing to me that school is already on for a month in Florida. They must either have more money for education than we do in Oregon, or they let out much earlier than we do. Even here, in the Portland area, there is divergence -- some school districts have already been in session but only for one week, and my son's school district is starting next Tuesday. They go from either late August or usually early September, until the second week of June. When do they let out in Florida?

According to the rusty scale at the farm, I'm up a half pound. This is my last weigh-in on that shaky old device, since we move from the family farm today to the little house where we mostly live, since school is starting. At that house is the face-the-music digital scale, and I'll know soon what is truly going on with my weight. Probably because I wanted a more or less carefree summer, I never had the heart to drag that judgemental item over to the farm.

I volunteer at the grade school where my son just finished (he's moving on up -- middle school! Oh dear!) and last Friday one of the teachers was talking about a great new exercise place very near the school. I might check it out, a middle-aged woman has no business not at least trying to exercise in a more focused way. If I add an increased exercise level to the will to drop my dates with Doctor Pepper, that should knock off some tummy. Good intentions, right? lol
I saw your reply last night and I'm just getting back to here to respond...

Our schools start around August 10 and go until around June 10... They may vary by a few days, depending on the calendar.  This year, my county started on August 13.  I just looked at the actual school calendar for this year... The end of school will actually be May 31, 2019, with hurricane days built in.  If those aren't used, May 24 will be the last day of school.   I see that they also get an entire week off at Thanksgiving this year, plus they'll get the spring break week, along with 2 weeks for Christmas break (sorry, they no longer call it Christmas break; it's "winter break").  That's an entire month of breaks they get throughout the year.  When I was working for the school district, they didn't get a full week at Thanksgiving - only Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after, plus Christmas break ended up being about 10 days instead of 2 full weeks.  But then, at that time, they didn't start until later in August, either.

It will be interesting to see how your digital scale measures up to "old rusty" at the farm... lol  I hope you got all moved, as planned with no problems.  I don't think it's an issue that you didn't take your digital scale with you to the farm for the summer.  Sometimes we let things like this become too important, especially, at times when they shouldn't be.

Good luck with the new exercise place; I've thought a lot about joining a gym, but I figure if I don't exercise at home, chances are a gym membership would probably be wasted, too... lol  I did find a place that does yoga lessons for a very reasonable price that's really close to my house.  When I first became hypo, I had a lot of body pain, so it was hard to do a lot of exercises.  I got a yoga DVD and learned how to do it on my own; that was the only way I could "sort of" stop the weight gain, even though I didn't lose much if any.  I have never taken an actual class and  I haven't been able to bring myself to go yet, though.  
The move wasn't simple, part of the reason being our youngest cat, a poor traveler (terrified in cars). But it was straightforward. We took clothing and smalls in one trip, and cleaned the fridge and took food in another trip.

My husband and I then spent some further time moving boxes out of the garage at our house and taking them over to the farm, so he could get the new electric car (longer than his little old sports car) into the garage. We've been charging the electric car at fast chargers in the area, and at home on the normal 110-volt household electric service, but that only gives the car about 40 miles of power per night. We need to put in a 220-volt plug, the kind that you use for a dryer. It probably won't hurt the value of the house to have a more powerful plug in the garage even if the next owner doesn't have an electric car. And getting the boxes moved is a good thing. Not only does it provide access for the electrician to not have to fight past boxes of old painting equipment, sanders, clippers, and Halloween decorations; it's also a start to the job of sorting and getting rid of our accumulated and unneeded stuff, which is my job this school year.

I woke up thinking about all the stuff. Between our own accumulated over the years, my dad's, and stuff from my husband's office downsizing, we have way too much. They are -- in boxes, storage tubs, or just as furniture, clothing and objects -- all over our house and the family farm. I was going mentally from place to place: unsorted objects we don't need and don't use are in the shed, barn, two attics, two old outbuildings, desk areas, pantry, laundry room, guest-room closet, bedrooms, my husband's study closet, garage, and a rented storage unit. I guess it's kind of do-able to think about at 9 am with a cup of coffee. But at 4 am, it felt like a major burden emotionally and, especially, like an indictment on my tendency to accumulate. (My mom always told me I was "messy." That comes back at 4 am when thinking "Why didn't I get rid of more things along the way?" Thanks, Mom, the accusation that keeps on giving.)

Everyone wants a house with "lots of storage." I'm thinking now that all "lots of storage" means is having too much stuff that you don't use. Some of it is good stuff, we just don't do anything with it. Some of my dad's is lovely art objects and fancy furnishings. (My sister is STILL trying to decide how to sell some of his name-artist lithographs.) But right now, it's a burden. If you don't need it or use it, even fur coats and pearl necklaces are just more to cope with. (In fact, the stuff that's trash by anyone's standards is easy. The stuff with monetary value is much harder.) Because I've tried before and not succeeded at getting rid of things, I've hired my sister that lives out of state and is organized and non-judgemental and knows how to sell online, to come and help in November. I'm really hoping to get some good whacks at it before she comes. Don't know how I am going to explain the size of the accumulation to her, otherwise.  :)

Anyway, sorry for the digression! Back to weight. I got on the digital scale, and am a total of 5 lbs. less than when we began the challenge. That would suggest a half pound lost this last week. I am certain the reason I kept going mostly down is the lack of transgression with my boyfriend the Doctor. That was the best accidental offshoot of the zen camp this summer -- not anywhere near the amount of cravings for the forbidden drink from Waco. I am still going to look into the gym the teacher was talking about. She said she had signed up for a different gym and only had gone once, and this one she has stuck with. It sounds better than average for that reason.
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I am flying around the forum tonight and remembered i needed to check in.  I am down .4 this week.  I have been battling a head/chest cold this last week, thanks to my husband!  Will be glad when this leaves my body.  We have the Tesla/Lita Ford concert on Sunday in Spencer and i will be there come he!! or high water.

I am in a "gut challenge" with a couple coworkers.  We are going to be taking a probiotic is all and reporting at the end of the month with the results.  The one coworker sells a reputable product and this one is new and has good reviews.  I need to get going on some Vit D and C since we are at the end of summer here.  Do either of you take Vit k?  I see some women's vitamins have that in it and some dont.  I suppose i could goggle it but you 2 usually are better than google!!

Barb, you need to come up with something if this challenge will be over.  Winter can be long and we can be less motivated.  Do you have any pics of the things you are making?

Annie...I am very good at going thru things.  I can organize anything!!  I wont interfere with you and the Doctor!!  lol

Hi Sarah.

I'm sorry to hear about your cold; I hope it clears up by the weekend so you can enjoy the concert in peace.

Actually, I take probiotics, vitamin D and vitamin K, along with digestive enzymes and magnesium and some others. I find that taking individual vitamin/minerals that I need works better for me than a multi...

We will start another challenge soon.  I just want to end this one since it was a summer challenge and summer is over, plus beginning new will give others a chance to get a fresh start, including myself... :-)

I do have some photos of the pens I just made posted on my photos; you should be able to see them if you go to my profile. There are also some photos of a couple of things I burned on leather some time ago, but I haven't posted any of the bracelets, etc.

I'm pretty good at organizing too, but nothing is exempt when it's time to get rid of "stuff", either.

I don't usually comment on this thread, though I enjoy following your conversations.  Until I had to stop exercising recently I didn't really have a weight problem, though I'm getting one now big time as my body is so used to exercising a lot and now it just hurts.  I did want to say, though, that nobody should take a multivitamin and expect to "feel" it.  If you do, you're really unhealthy and run down.  A good multi shouldn't have too much of anything in it, if it did you'd have to take dozens of pills because the better absorbed substances in it can take up a lot of space.  A multi is just prophylactic given hardly anyone gets everything they need from food -- most of it, but I'm sure we're all lacking something or other.  So it covers that.  If you have special conditions you're treating with supplements, you do have to take them separately to get the appropriate amounts, not as part of a multi.  There are multis out there that claim to have really large amounts of nutrients in them, but look at virtually any mineral, say -- if you just buy magnesium or calcium separately look at how large the pills are and how many you have to take.  The same is true with food supplements, such as seaweed or fresh water algae or wheat grass.  You'll often find these in your multi, but if you take them separately, you can see how much space they take up to take them.  So again, a multi is prophylactic and is a pretty good idea, but you have to add individual nutrients to treat a specific problem.  And if you do take a multi and separate nutrients, you have to make sure you don't end up taking more than is healthy to take -- if that's a problem, avoid the multi and just take the individual nutrients you know you need, not just want.  And one more thing -- you guys are so busy and productive!  I've become a lump.  Good on you folks.
Hi Paxiled... You're welcome to join us any time... Welcome to the world of weight loss.

I didn't realize anyone referred to feeling their multi but I have taken multi's in the past and felt better taking them than when I didn't take them.  Sarah just asked about some multi's having vitamin K and some not having it.

I just said that I take individual vitamins/minerals because it works better for me than a multi... the reason it works better is that I've had nutrient tests to determine deficiencies so I know pretty much what I need to take.   Because I also have hypothyroidism caused by Hashimoto's, there are certain vitamins/minerals that help with thyroid med absorption, conversion of T4 to T3, etc - some being those I've been confirmed deficient in, others my doctors have told me to take.  Because I have Pernicious Anemia (autoimmune Vitamin B-12 deficiency), I have to take B-12 injections weekly, and I have digestive problems that cause low protein levels, etc.  I also have adrenal adenomas and kidney stones and cysts, so I have to eliminate a lot of the fresh veggies (because of the oxalates) that I'd normally eat in a healthy diet.  I also know that if I take supplements with excessive vitamin B6, I have horrendous nightmares/vivid dreams. For me, it simply works better to take the supplements I know I need rather than taking a multi.

I'm sorry you feel like you've become a "lump"... it's time for something new and less strenuous to put the mind and body back to work... I've had to adjust my life considerably to accommodate my aches and pains - both mental and physical.
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I am thinking K would be a good idea. It's not easy for me to get systematic about vitamins when we are moving around and traveling in general (we did a lot of that this the summer) but I do try a little more in the winter. When I'm organized, I take calcium and D, since my family has osteoporosis on both sides. Similarly, if I am taking iron, I take C to help with absorbtion, and I do think I feel some difference if I'm taking iron at least part of the month. For me, there is no question that B100 and magnesium has an instant positive effect if I have a headache.

The one that it seems I really shouldn't ignore is the D --  in fall through spring Oregon is not particularly sunny, I don't work outside very much, I wear sunblock, and I get overheated quickly in the sun, so the chances of not enough D are about 100%.  This doesn't translate into me taking it every day, but I do take it when I get in the groove.

Vitamin K affects how blood coagulates, so if you happen to be on blood thinning medication or anything like that, talk to your doctor before taking it.  It doesn't cure osteoporosis, but it does activate proteins that regulate how calcium is used.  The easy way it was explained to me is that vitamin K helps keep calcium in your bones instead of sticking in your blood vessels.  The best form of vitamin K to take is the MK-7 because of the bio-availability.

As far as Calcium, simply taking calcium to help with osteoporosis, it won't help unless you have enough magnesium and vitamin D because they're both needed to adequate calcium absorption.  I didn't know this until I was told to take calcium to try to reverse osteopenia, but the doctor didn't bother to tell me to take the magnesium and vitamin D along with it - it was the nurse who told me that and when I researched it, I found she was right.  Exercise is also necessary to help keep bones strong or help rebuild them.  I built mine back from osteopenia to normal, but now I'm back to osteopenia again because I didn't keep up with my exercise.

Many of us are deficient in Vitamin D, especially as we get older.  I live in the Sunshine State and I spend lots of time in the sun, with skin uncovered and no sunscreen, but I'm still deficient.  I simply don't produce enough.

There are different types of magnesium; some work better for some things than others.  Magnesium citrate is, typically, the best one laxative purposes.  It's one of the more absorbable forms, along with Magnesium glycinate, taurate, or aspartate.  Avoid Magnesium Oxide, carbonate, sulfonate, or gluconate because they're hardest to absorb - they're also the least expensive... If you try one of the other forms of Magnesium, such as glycinate or taurate, perhaps you can take a whole one and won't notice a difference with your tummy...

Some women do need iron for part of the month and you're right to take vitamin C with it for better absorption.
I would go a little further on this.  The osteoporosis problem is more controversial than most people know.  Because I managed health food stores for 18 years back when they weren't such big biz, I not only had to learn a ton about this stuff I had no previous interest in, I also got to learn how little we really know as opposed to believe about this stuff and also got a lot of feedback from a lot of people who were buying what we sold and telling us about them.  That had a lot to do with what brands I trust and which remedies I have a sense that work vs. some that really don't.  I also, when I was exercising a lot by walking and going to the gym, listened to a lot of public radio, which meant listening to a lot of actual researchers being interviewed and seeing the difference between what we know and what some believe to be true.  Nutritional researchers who have no skin in any product do not believe that in developed countries there is any problem with calcium levels.  In fact, the problem is the obverse, which is too much calcium because of the overconsumption of dairy (nobody, and I mean nobody, involved in "alternative" medicine advocates dairy consumption.  True fact -- nobody in the history of the world ever drank much milk until the 20th century when the US gov't teamed up with the dairy industry to completely make up out of whole cloth the link between drinking milk and health.  They did eat yogurt and cheese and other fermented dairy foods, but they didn't actually drink a lot of milk.  When I was a kid in the late 1950's through the early 1960's, we were taught to drink 8 glasses of milk a day.  There were cartoon shows that in the middle would have the host have us drink our milk.)  What most Americans in particular are short of is magnesium, not calcium, because the best magnesium (and well-absorbed calcium as well) comes from green leafy vegetables, which most Americans grew not to like over the years of urbanization.  We became huge dairy and meat consumers as our society got wealthy and even poorer families like mine could afford it.  Vitamin D only became a problem in more recent years as we've become more of an indoors people -- you only need 30 minutes in the sun at peak hours to get what you need assuming you don't have some metabolic problem that prevents absorption, but we don't get that anymore, so D is usually recommended for almost everyone as a supplement these days because it's not that easily obtained in food most people eat regularly (and dairy isn't one of them -- that D in dairy is added, it's a supplement, not found in the milk).  If you take D and drink a lot of milk, but don't eat magnesium rich foods, you will still get bone problems because calcium and magnesium are in electrical balance with each other in bone structure.  Take too much of one and you'll leach out the other.  Most believe the proper balance is 2:1 calcium to magnesium unless you have special needs for more magnesium, such as nerve problems or sleep problems or muscle cramping.  As for the K, be leery of this one -- only take it if a doctor or nutritionist has found you lack it.  Too much is dangerous.  It's also not going to be a laxative for most people unless you're either taking too much or you have a digestive problem.  And as mentioned above, the cheapest forms of both magnesium and calcium are not well absorbed and are basically rocks -- very hard for your digestive system to break down.  Peace, all.
Laxative meaning the magnesium, not the K.  Bad writing there.  I take for example, a 1:1 calcium to magnesium supplement before bed because years of being on antidepressants caused muscle cramping.  I needed extra magnesium, but I still took a supplement with some calcium in it just to avoid leaching too much of it out.  I never had a laxative problem with it and I take the citrate form.  Now, as an anxiety sufferer, I probably should take the taureate form, as taurine is what the body uses to make GABA, but that's another story altogether.
I love these Saffron Road foods that happen to be in spinach, one called Palek Paneer and one called Lamb Saag. Come to find out that spinach has umpty billion units of Vitamin K. Not so worried about my K intake any more. lol
Yes, spinach has vitamin K, along with iron, calcium, etc... I haven't found the Saffron Road foods in my area yet... still looking.  But then I'm not supposed to be eating spinach either because of my kidney stones... lol   In spite of that, spinach is one of my favorite veggies and it's so full of nutrients, I break down and eat it anyway, at least a couple of times/month...  :-)
You're right that spinach has vitamin K.  It also has calcium, iron and other nutrients.  My problem is that I'm not supposed to be eating spinach because of my kidney stones.  Because it's one of my favorite veggies and it is so nutrient dense, I do break down and eat it a couple of times/month.  I haven't found a place to buy the Saffron Road dinners near me, although a search says that my local Walmart carries them.  I didn't find there, but I'll have to look again next time I shop.  A search also says that my local Target carries them so that's another possibility.   Whole Foods, supposedly does also, but the nearest one is 70 miles away; I only go there a couple of times/yr, usually during the winter when my neighbor is here from OR...
The reason for the kidney stone aspect is that cooked spinach has a high amount of oxalic acid in it.  But all leafy greens have that in them as well.  How you prepare it can often make it more or less of a problem.  In the health food world, spinach wasn't a particularly loved vegetable, but if you were going to eat it, raw is the best way.  It limits the oxalic acid content.  Whereas with collards or kale etc. you have to eat them cooked to both limit the oxalic acid and to be able to digest it.  In Oriental medicine they're suspicious of spinach.  I'm not sure where I come down on this point, but it might be worth looking into with a holistic nutritionist who might help you enjoy the foods you like, get your nutrients, and limit the damage.  My wife buys the Saffron Roads frozen dinners -- she eats frozen dinners for lunch.  I don't personally eat frozen foods much, and since I only eat two real meals a day, I'm a little different in that regard.  She gets them at the local organic market chain.  It's part of the way things are now -- there used to be much better tasting frozen Indian entree lines but if Whole Foods throws you out for a brand that gives them a better price, you pretty much go away.
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My cold is much better and the concert was AMAZING!!  Lita Ford is savage i tell ya and Tesla was awesome!  35.00 a ticket and between the 2 they played for over 3 hrs!  Barb, the fair has gotten huge from the last time i was there.  I also appreciate the "real" bathrooms as i refuse to use outhouses anymore!

Speaking of spinach, i love that stuff but havent had it for quite some time.  Around here we have it in the can or frozen.  Seems the canned veggies are so full of salt so i shy away from them.  My dad and i used to smother it with butter and a few drips of vinegar!  I just pretend my Mrs Dash is made of butter and salt!!!

I did lose .6 lbs this last week.  My husband informed me i am skinny now.  Not sure what his definition of skinny is tho!  I showed him a pic of a sharpai puppy and then showed him my butt....he "claimed" he didnt see the connection!  lol

When i go back for my cholesterol check i will have her check my levels since taking my supplements.  I do know the magnesium has helped a ton with leg cramps and my sciatic area.

Weather has been amazing here.  Humidity is coming back this weekend but cant complain due to  the monster hurricane coming in.  I hope and pray everyone will be safe~
I'll overlook the fact that you're a week behind because it doesn't matter which thread you post in as long as you post... lol   I'll just say congratulations on the 0.6 lb loss.  I'm jealous that you guys are going in the right direction.  

Spinach is one of my favorite veggies, too.  I, typically, buy frozen over fresh, as well because of the salt content in canned and because my husband won't eat it, I can't always eat a whole package of fresh before it goes bad so it's wasted.

I'm impressed that your husband thinks you're "skinny"... Hey, I've seen skinny Sharpai puppies; they just have more skin than they need... lol  I probably wouldn't worry about it, if I were you; as long as your husband doesn't see the connection (smart man, there...lol), that's all that counts. :-)

You're right that magnesium helps a lot with leg cramps; I use it for that, also, as I'm often awakened during the night with cramps. I just discovered early this morning that it may also help with my frozen shoulder if applied directly to the area - I have a magnesium-based spray I use to alleviate cramps.

Our weather is still hot, but we can definitely "feel" a change in seasons and for some reason, the leaves are falling off the sycamore tree really early this year, so I'll have a mess to clean up soon.  

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Mind you when he said he didnt see the connection of the puppy and my butt he had this familiar smirk on his face!!  lol

I use magnesium lotion also.  My chiro told me to not use a whole bunch of it as it could cause diarrhea!  That's all i would need is a nasty leg cramp while sitting on the can!  lol  I have also figured out some of the cramps will come from certain shoes i wear.  I wore my boots (love them things) to the concert the other night and had to walk aways to get back to the truck and sure enough that night i had cramps.  Happened a time or 2 before that with the same boots.  I will not give them up no matter what so will deal with the cramps!

The probiotic i am taking must be doing something as i dont have that awful bloaty feeling or maybe it has nothing to do with it.  This taking care of myself is something new for me!!!
Like I said - your husband is a smart man... he may have had a smirk on his face, but he knew better than to agree with that comparison, verbally... lol

I've never heard of getting diarrhea from using a magnesium spray or lotion because anything that goes through the skin by-passes the digestive tract.  

I have some shoes that cause cramps, too, but I don't wear them very often anymore.  My cramps are so severe, sometimes I have to give up the shoes in order to alleviate them.

Probiotics are good for helping to get rid of the bloaty feeling .  I'm out of them right now and have to pick up some more today.  I find that fish oil helps with that also and I've run out of that, as well.  Tomorrow's weigh-in isn't going to look good for me, so I need to make a run to the health food store to get a few things...
Not sure the above is completely accurate.  First, not sure magnesium is actually absorbed very well topically applied unless something is added to it, such as DMSO, to carry it deep inside where the muscles are.  I recall researching this about Epsom salts, and found bathing in them does not have good scientific research backing its absorption.  I know others on this website have disagreed, but I have seen this research.  Claims basically that at least with the Epsom baths, it's just the hot water doing the short-term benefit.  Never used or saw a topical magnesium product, so I've never researched it, but I'm doubting it will get all that far past the skin barrier again absent some carrier in the lotion that allows it to do that, and that would mean most likely an artificial chemical of some kind as with DMSO, a wood solvent.  But if it does pass, then the body would have to use it and then break it down, which would mean it would pass into the system and eventually evacuated, which would be through the digestive system -- so it would have to get there as does everything we take in in some part when the body gets rid of the old stuff to make way for the new stuff the body prefers.  But I doubt, given the inferior method of taking it in, that enough of it would get into the body to present any laxative problem.  The body still mainly, in a natural way, takes in and best knows how to absorb and utilize, ingredients taken in by eating or digesting.  There are ways, of course, to penetrate past the skin barrier -- think nicotine patches -- but again, you might not like the delivery system and what's in it for long-term use.  Just some thoughts, because I don't really know, this is something I haven't tried.  On the other hand, I've never gotten a problem from taking magnesium as a supplement, either.  Peace, all.  Hey, Barb, every Sunday you start out by saying it's another bright sunny day here in Florida.  I'm up here in northern Virginia, but it hasn't stopped raining here since spring.  Are you saying you've been dry this summer?
Well, an exception -- drugs are engineered to bypass the digestive system as well, but they cause all kinds of digestive problems because of how they work and also because they too eventually are excreted or stored by the liver as toxins.  What goes in does go out.
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