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Sunday Weigh in August 13, 2023

Good morning.  I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday.  I'm not sure what my day is shape up like - I intended to get outside and do some yard work before it got hot, but it's already 80°, so I don't have a lot of time left for working in "cooler" temps.  

It's been a pretty busy week, but okay.  On Tuesday, I had the laser surgery done on my eyes to remove a film that formed following my cataract surgery a couple of years ago.   The film is quite common and I'm amazed at how quickly the laser surgery was done, as well as how much it cleared up my vision.   I've been seeing halos and starbursts around lights for some time, but had no idea this film was also affecting the rest of my vision.  Everything looks so much crisper and cleaner now.  

The incisions on my hand/arm, from the carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes, all healed up, though still a bit tender.  Although the doctor has released me to do whatever I want/need to do, I do have to be careful.

Other than that, I've been doing the usual - practicing calligraphy, cleaning, etc.   On Friday, we had to mow the yard - it's a balancing act to avoid starting so early we disturb the neighbors and getting the mowing done before it gets too hot.   Anyway, it's done until next week!!  

Yesterday, I had brunch with a friend that I don't see very often.  We had a chance to get caught up on things, which was nice.

I'm still trying to watch my diet and keep portions in control.  My weight is fluctuating by about a pound/day and because I'm not eating that many calories, I'm going to have to say that's fluid.  On Friday, I was down a pound from last week, yesterday I was back up a pound, which puts me exactly where I was last week.  I'm happier with staying the same than gaining, so I'll take that.  :-)  

So that's my story - how was your week?  I hope you succeeded in meeting your goal(s) and look forward to hearing about it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Hi Barb and Annie
I like hearing how you guys are doing. Barb, I'm glad your  eye surgery went well. Annie maybe your sons sleep will get corrected once he starts school again.
Well the scale is the lowest I have ever seen in the past 10 years, but it's because I caught Covid for the first time. I have been eating only two meals a day this past week. I don't have much of an appetite. I know the scale will go back up once I start feeling better and eat again.
The symptoms have been mild. My husband and kids got Covid first. I was busy caring for them so I tested negative initially. My husband and son are negative now. My daughter is still positive.
Annie I feel happy hearing about your pilates class. That's great that you are going. Is it like Yoga?
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Athena, in some ways it is. There are a lot of similar stretches and moves, and your own body weight is the weight you "lift." There are differences too, especially more use of simple equipment like sliding benches and elastic straps that you pull against. Some of the women in my classes also go to yoga classes at a local yoga studio, so it's obviously not the same or they would just do one or the other.

I'm sorry you got Covid; it's good to hear that symptoms are mild. I've gotten Covid, very mild (presumably due to having been vaccinated). I just got a booster about two months ago but pretty soon will go back to get the shot that's for the new variant when it comes out.

The main thing for me with Pilates is that once I paid for the membership, I was too stubborn not to go get the value of it. Different than one time when I had a trainer at a gym. I didn't like the gym much and her attitude was pretty aggressive ("Let's do five more!" until I pulled a muscle in my arm and had to lay off for a while). Pilates is exercise, but the attitude is more unbothered. They know you're there to work and that they don't have to prod you to do it, just lead you through the moves.
Good morning, Athena.  I'm sorry to hear you got COVID, but it's great that the symptoms were mild and the scale went down.  I've been lucky enough to avoid COVID (had all the vaccines, so far??), but when something like that happens, I try to figure out a way to keep the scale from skyrocketing again when I start eating normally.   So far, all the ideas I've come up with have only helped for a few days...  :-)

The Pilates sounds interesting, doesn't it?  I've never tried that, but used to do yoga every day.  I keep saying I'm going to get back into it, but I haven't done it.   I have several yoga DVDs but maybe I need to do what Annie did - pay for it, then feel like I *have* to get my money's worth.  

Enjoy your week.  

I used to take bellydance classes. The classes really helped me to stay un shape. I probably should look into taking a class too.
I'll try to keep the scale from skyrocketing.
That's great you got all the vaccines. That shows they work. I think I missed the last vaccine.
Annie thanks for telling me more about pilates.
No problem. In the classes I've been taking, the group is mostly female and older than 35 and in good spirits, and though everyone is wearing something stretchy and relatively form fitting (so the clothes don't get stuck in the exercise equipment), nobody has a perfect body. Most have been working out for longer than I have (they've earned those yoga pants  lol) and while there's a bit of shyness there isn't any snootiness. I've been intending to exercise in a more regimented way for years, and exercise classes now are certainly cheaper than medical problems later.
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Hi, I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, it was a busy one. I did weigh this morning, and am down .4 of a pound from last week, not as exciting as I'd like because last week I was up a pound and a half! But at least it's the right direction even though such a small amount that it could just be +/- salt in my diet. Our main course was barley and lentils last night, a nice balanced protein that feels calming to the system. More meals like that and I might be down another half pound next week. lol

Barb, that's a couple of good medical moments this week! Those eye surgeries are amazing. They're so fast. And they seem to have gotten you in for the carpal tunnel treatment more quickly than your doctors usually seem to do. That's great!

We're starting the run-up for school, my son will be a junior this year, which of course is the big year for taking classes that colleges will look at. I think it's going to be stressful because his sleep is all out of whack. Up half the night. Won't take melatonin, is really distressed in the night when he can't sleep. Articles are written about absenteeism in school and they puzzle over the reasons ("Did the pandemic show kids that there are other ways to learn?") but I think the main side effect of being at home during the pandemic was that kids' sleep patterns changed. (If high schools offered evening shifts, that would be ideal for my son. He's wide awake then!) We're working on moving his sleep clock around, but it's a long and frustrating process.

I continue to go to Pilates. It hasn't turned my life around, but at least I'm going! -- 1000% better than doing nothing. :-)

Have a great week!

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Well, weight down is weight down - going the right direction.  You're right that 0.4 lbs could be +/- salt, but there could have been a bit of fat that went away... that's what *I* always hope for anyway... :-)

The laser surgeries on my eyes was amazing.  I'm still marveling at how much clearer my sight is.  I just wish, now, that I could see to read without my glasses!!  The carpal tunnel surgeries were actually done in July, so I'm a month into that.   Because they "play" with nerves when they clip the tunnels, it does take a while for tenderness, and even a bit of numbness, to go away.  I'm happy with it.  

I wondered how things would be going for your son with school.   Most kids have a hard first few days until they get into a routine with sleep, but I know your son has had issues before.   I assume you've had those nights during which you can't sleep... I look at the clock and think "if I got to sleep right now, I can get 7 hrs of sleep".  An hour later, I'm thinking the same thing only I'm at 6 hrs of sleep.  As the night goes on, the hours of sleep I "could" get if I fell asleep *right now* keep dwindling.  Finally, I fall asleep, but, right away, the alarm goes off and I realize I've slept for a whole 1.5 hrs (or less) and have to get through the whole day!!  

Have you considered home schooling?  Or doing an online type school.  I know some kids got behind during the pandemic when they couldn't go to school, but others actually flourished with online classes.   Maybe they need to rethink the options?  I do understand that resetting the circadian rhythm isn't easy, especially, if the person whose rhythm needs to be reset doesn't cooperate.  :-)

I'm happy to know that you're still going to Pilates.  You're pretty new into it, so I'm not surprised that you're not completely "into exercise" and haven't lost a lot of weight.  Often when we begin an exercise program, we, actually, gain some weight because exercise builds muscle.  Although a pound is a pound, no matter what it consists of, muscle is denser than fat, so you could be losing inches, if not pounds, right now.   I hope you stay with it --- you're right; it's 1000% better than doing nothing.  :-)
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