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Sunday Weigh in February 11, 2024

Good afternoon, everyone.  How is everyone doing today?  I'm sorry I'm so late posting... I hit the floor running this morning and have been on the go all day!!  

I've had a relatively quiet week, but it's suddenly gotten very busy and will stay that way for a while.  I've been wanting to do a kitchen make-over and since husband is usually not interested in doing household projects, he was definitely not on board.  I usually have to get angry in order to get him on board with any type of home improvement project, though he'll do a shop project at the drop of a hat!  Anyway, tired of waiting, I did get angry and finally said I'd simply hire a contractor to do what I wanted if he weren't interested, but I'd certainly prefer that he be involved and help with the project.  Once he realized I was tired of waiting, he reluctantly joined in and we the project is now in full swing.

I, originally, wanted to replace all the kitchen cabinets, but finally decided that wasn't necessary... we could use part of them and replace some of them.  The ones we keep will be painted and get new doors and drawer facings to match the new ones we buy.  We'll also buy new counter tops, flooring, refrigerator and an over the range microwave (which we've already purchased and installed).   We'll be tearing out a wall (non-load bearing) and moving some cabinets into different positions, etc.   It will be quite a project, but I'm sure will be nice when finished.

Yesterday, we spent the day doing some online research and "shopping"; the afternoon was spent doing "in person" shopping.  I'm one who likes to see and feel things I'm thinking of purchasing.  I like to open the doors/drawers, see what it feels like, how it works, etc.  We picked out the cabinets, flooring, found someone to lay the flooring (we'll do the rest of the work).  We stopped at a couple of places to look at refrigerators and over the range microwaves.  We couldn't find a fridge we liked, but we did find the exact microwave, so we got that.  Because some of the cabinets we're keeping are where the  microwave would be, we decided to go ahead and install that, so that was our project for today.  We needed to eliminate the range hood and the cabinets above it, but were able to use some shorter cabinets that we had planned to remove and not use.  That worked out.

I can't do any painting until the new cabinets and doors arrive (haven't ordered them yet) so I can match the paint, so we're pretty much at a standstill now.

That's what's going on mostly.  I'll still be trying to work in some calligraphy and other art work, but not sure how much I'll be able to get done!!  

I'm still walking most days.  I think this past weeks, we've made it every day, even on the coldest days... yay us!!  It's been pretty warm the past few days.  Today it's in the upper 80's so we're back to air conditioning.  I think we're supposed to have another cold snap, but not sure when or how cold.  

Through all of this, I've managed to drop another pound.  That's a total of 15 lbs since October, so I'm happy!!  I'm hoping to get back where I was just before the pandemic when my neuro stopped listening to me and insisted on changing my neuropathy medication.  Now that I'm back on the medication I was on before he insisted I switch "and" the fact that my thyroid med got increased, it's, obviously a lot easier to lose weight.  Right now, I'm dropping right at a pound a week, which is always my goal - until I reach my goal, then I just hope for maintenance.

I have an appointment this coming week to have my new hearing aids checked.  I think they might help make hearing a bit easier, but they aren't doing anything to help ease my tinnitus, so that's pretty disappointing, since that's mostly what I got them for.

So - that's where I am.  How was your week?  I hope it went well and you were able to reach your goals.  I look forward to hearing about them.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!
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Wow, redoing a kitchen, how nice! (That is, to get it done, not to have to do it. lol) My cabinets are waiting for me to paint them. There's even a paint sample on one. We've thrown two big parties with the kitchen only half painted, and it is very visible from the living room. Luckily, nobody commented, but I do want to get it done before our son graduates from high school.

I'm at the same weight as last week. While this isn't entirely bad, (we've had a lot of snacks in the house this past week and I haven't gained any weight) some mindfulness and self-control would be a good idea. There are other reasons sweets are unwise besides just weight gain.

Today a buddy came over to watch the Super Bowl with my husband, and I (who, if pressed, *might* be able to name one team playing) spent my afternoon making snacks and lunch. I made a big relish plate and turkey/swiss/horseradish/dill on sourdough sandwiches to begin, and then a pot of lentil/kielbasa soup. The buddy brought over a pear tart, and I even whipped some cream to put on it, and topped the whipped cream with blueberries. My son and I had already sneaked cookies so neither of us wanted any tart, but we did each have a liberal dollop of whipped cream in our tea. Obviously all in all, this is a good time to take healthy eating more to heart.

Our dog that had the inner-ear problem that makes her tilt her head and walk in a stumbling way, is much better. The vet said it would take about three weeks to get over it, and the dog's progress is demonstrating that this can be relied on. She's been on seasick pills, and is seeming to be enough better that we might be able to stop them. I'll probably take her for a re-check with her vet this week.

Our son is deep into perusing colleges and universities. He's pleased that I did each year of my undergrad at a different school (I had to get my B.A. in bits and pieces over a long time), because most of them are ones he might want to attend. He thinks they will treat him like a legacy student, which I kind of doubt given my short tenure at any one school. But it's all been cute. He's so far bought school shirts for three different schools.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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