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Hey. I don't think I'm pregnant, but there's a small chance I could be...but I was wondering if there are places that help with abortion costs. I always want a game plan if I do get pregnant...I chose to be a mom and had my beautiful baby boy who was born last year, but I can't have another anytime soon. I start birth control in December, so if I am pregnant now I need help. There's no way I can come up with $300-$800 within a month (I'd rather do the abortion pills than surgery) It makes me sick to my stomach even asking, because the thought of abortion for myself is unnerving, but adoption is out of the question since I don't want to endure another pregnancy, it was beyond unpleasant the first time...
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How long ago was the unprotected intercourse? I'm asking because if was less than 72 hours ago you can take the Plan B pill. If it was after 72 hours then it will most likely not be effective.
Yes, there is an early termination pill you can take but it has to be prescribed by a Dr and if I'm correct you have to take it before 7 weeks.
When is your period due? If you're late take a test as soon as possible. If it happens to come back positive go to a woman's clinic and ask about the pills. Of course they will double check to make sure the pregnancy test was accurate.
I wish I could tell you the cost would be but I'm not sure. It may depend on your income.
I hope everything works out for you either way. Keep us up to date on how you're doing.
One more thing. Please go to the clinic anyway because they will give you free condoms to use until you start your birth control. You may not be pregnant so make sure you use them until you get started on your birth control.
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My period was the 22nd last month...the condom broke the night I got off my period, I took plan b and I know it worked...I was bleeding heavily after. But I've had a few times with unprotected sex since then...but he pulled out and I know that's a horrible to say cuz I should've used condoms but I didn't get pregnant till he wanted to (didn't use condoms for a whole year and did pull out method) so I'm confident he had control this time as well.
I'm worried cuz there's still a chance.
But I was told my cycle is off because I had taken he plan b last month.
When you say prescribed by a doctor...does that mean I can go to my regular doctor and he can give me the termination pill???
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