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I have pain and lumps around my lower abdomen, keeps getting worse?

◦ Frequent urge to pee
◦ Pain/soreness in lower abdomen
◦ Pain in lower back
◦ Nausea/ lightheaded
◦ Fatigue, even after plenty of rest
◦ Lots of hard, lumps in lower abdomen, reaching navel
◦ Delayed menstrual cycle (up to 2 weeks), nothing abnormal once it starts (no excessive cramps, blood, etc)

I went to the doctor last month and had my pee tested, no UTI, came back clear. They believed I might have a cyst on my ovary, and said it would go away when I got my next period. The pain and symptoms did not, and are getting increasingly worse. I also took a pregnancy test yesterday, it was negative.
I could sleep for 8-9 hours a night, and wake up to still be tired.
When I press onto the lumps/bumps all over my lower abdomen, they are very sore. When I first noticed them, a few months ago, they were not as sore and have since then “grew” up to where my navel is.

I am 19 years old, I do not smoke or excessively drink. I have a large history of cancer on my mother’s side, almost everyone has had it (including men). Also, when I am intimate with my boyfriend, there is no pain in my vaginal region (we’ve been together almost 3 yrs, he’s been tested and does not have any diseases or anything)

I have a doctor’s appointment on the 31 for an OBGYN, but these symptoms keep getting worse each day and is making it hard for me to do daily activities.
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Sounds like a kidney infection I once had, but for the lumps. It could be endometriosis, or indeed ovarian cysts. Be sure the doc does an ultrasound, and maybe even insist on an MRI of the abdomen.
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Sorry if this sounds obvious, but pregnant?
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I just saw that you wrote that you took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I didn’t see that before, so that’s why I mentioned it. Sorry. But I figured it was so obvious that it was probably the first thing you suspected.  Anyway, please let us know if you ever find out what that is. Hoping you feel better soon.
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