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My wife is having bleeding for 6 days after first time

Hi guys sorry I am new here,

So my wife is a virgin and we had non penetrative sex and some sperm was left on her vagina and we got worried that she could get pregnant then she took emergency contraceptive (levonorgestrel) 48 hours after. Then after 2 days we did non penetrative sex again and we got worried about pregnancy and she took emergency contraception again. This is emergency contraceptive twice in a week.

Fast forward a week and we tried to have sex and I went halfway in but it was very sore for her and we stopped but ever since after that she is bleeding everyday in the morning with light red spotting today was the 6th day though today the spotting was a bit darker and she has pain in her lower abdomen and her legs hurt.

What could be the issue? Is it pregnancy? Or is it normal to bleed after your first time if we didn’t do it correctly? Or could it be emergency contraceptive (levonorgestrel) side effects? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks a lot
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It's highly likely the emergency contraceptive pill you took is making her bleed,  and will likely cause intermittent bleeding for the next month or so - and could delay her usual period at least for one month.  Additionally, if you aren't having penetrative sex,  there is no way she'll get pregnant.  A few sperm deposited at the outside opening of her vagina won't be able to swim all the way up to an egg,  without seminal fluid to neutralize the Ph.  

It sounds like she's having some hesitancy in having sex,  although you're married.  Has she had a check-up by an OBGYN to see if there's a problem that's causing pain?
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So we shouldn’t worry? The pain was from when we tried to have sex it was sore because it’s her first time but now after 6 days it hurts her lower abdomen all of a sudden out of nowhere like sharp pains. And another thing, do emergency contraceptives affect your skin and hair? Are those side effects of the pill?
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Sorry,  meant to say the pill SHE took.
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