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Am I pregnant or just having a light period?

I have been spotting for a week now and i had protected sex two weeks ago. During sex the condom broke twice but we weren’t sure if he ejaculated so I went safe and took a plan B three hours after. I was supposed to get my period yesterday but I have just still been spotting. The spotting would feel like period blood coming out but it would only be a drop. Is this just a light period?
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Plan B works pretty well on the whole.  This likely prevented you from conceiving.  But it works because it is a big dose of hormones.  Those hormones interrupt things so conception can't occur.  However, those same hormones cause us to be irregular.  Spotting, late or missed periods, heavier than usual bleeding all can happen from the hormones left over from plan B.  This lasts usually for 2 to 3 months.  You can rule out pregnancy if you feel you need to but would be absolutely shocked if you were pregnant.  let us know how you are doing!
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Since Plan B says in its material that it only works 7 times out of 8, I would go ahead and do a pregnancy test, but probably it worked and all you are dealing with is that it makes your cycle wonky for a month or two.
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