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Bleeding after sex for the second time; not a Virgin; is this serious?

So I am with a new guy and after the first day we had sex and the second time we had sex ( which was two days after the first) I bled like light watery blood. I am not a virgin I lost it s 17 and I m now 22. I just got over my period a week and a half ago and I went to the gynecologist 2 weeks ago for my annual exam and he did the exam and did stuff for a Pap smear and said no news is good news and I have not heard back from him at all. I m just having the light bleeding for a little after sex and it doesn t last too much longer or get on my underwear overnight. Sometimes I m a little sore down there and idk if it s because my new partner is on the larger side to say the least, I wasn t very wet because there wasn t much foreplay, or because before those two times months passed since the last time I ve had sex. Please help me figure out what this is this the first time I ve ever bled since loosing my virginity with sex and I do not know what to think of this. I doubt it s an STD just because I read up on them and I don t really have any other symptoms except blood from these past two times with sex, but I m also no expert and have no ide. Please and thank you
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I would say that him being big and not being wet is definitely the culprit. If you go a bit rough on your vagina, little cuts can open and you will bleed lightly, like you said. It's not dangerous in itself, but could lead to infection if it continues, so I'd suggest using lube and just going a bit slower and being more careful. More foreplay probably won't hurt either ^^
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