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Burning urination and itchiness, negative for stds and uti?

I was treated for chlamydia a year ago, and still had symptoms after treatment. I was retested multiple times for months after I took the antibiotics and all the tests came back negative. I have burning urination, constant discomfort, and an intense itchiness down there. Was retested again recently and was negative for gonnorhea, chlamydia, and trich. My gynecologist mentioned something about maybe having vulvodynia. It just feels like I still have an std even though all the test results are negative.
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The doctor ran tests for three things? (Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trich?) And didn't test you further? (For example, yeast infection, BV, kidney infection, bladder infection, pinworms?) Testing for three things is not a lot of tests.
I forgot to mention I was tested for yeast, bv and and a urinary tract infection. All came back negative
ps -- On the list above, I forgot allergies (like to a new laundry soap or new fabric you haven't worn before as underwear), and herpes. Point is, there are more than three things that can cause vaginal itching (including it being upset by the antibiotics you used for the chlamydia) and your doc should not be so incurious as to stop at just three.
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Point I'm trying to make is that there are lots of things that can make a vagina itchy, and a doctor's job is diagnosis. If your doctor is inclined to give up, find another doctor. In the meantime, don't douche or put anything in your vagina, it can easily make an upset area worse. While waiting for a new doctor appointment, one thing you can do is try eating and drinking foods known to be anti-inflammatory (for example, turmeric tea) and avoiding sugars and junk food. Your body might be able to fight this off on its own.
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