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Could I be pregnant?

I was very certain I was pregnant. I have had increased smell. Hunger and naseaue on and off and super tired all the time. Additionally, I have had a strange sensation in my uterus area.

I am 2 days late for my period but the at home test said negative twice . What should I do.? Could I be pregnant?
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Don't do anything and wait another couple of weeks.

It is quite common for periods to be late.
The symptoms that you mention have nothing to do with pregnancy.
Being 2 days late for a period would not present any pregnancy symptoms - it is too early.

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I agree with Jemma above. Wait another couple of weeks.  I will tell you that most women do not experience nausea off the bat with pregnancy as that symptom takes accumulation of the hormones of pregnancy to happen.  You don't have enough hormones to register on a test, so doubtful the nausea is related.  

I would wait and see if your period shows and if not, take a test in a couple of weeks.  good luck
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