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Could I be pregnant?

I apologize in advance for the possible TMI is this post. I have a normal 28 day cycle and typically O around day 14. I do not track it necessarily, but have noticed ovulation symptoms every month around the same time. My last period was on 3/25/15 but lasted only 3 days (typically it is 6-7) with only the first day being slightly heavy and the other 2 days were just light spotting at times and other times nothing. I started having some strong cramping here and there around 4/13/15 that lasted almost a week but has since stopped. Usually I will only cramp in the few days leading up to my period and then it will start. Last night, after having intercourse, I noticed a small drop of light pink blood on the toilet paper but have had nothing since. I very much am hoping this will be our month but I also don't want to psych myself out. I haven't had any other significant symptoms that I have noticed. I haven't had sore breasts, or change in nipple color. I also have had small bouts of nausea but usually in conjunction with something else (headache, bad smells, etc.). I am not due to start my next cycle until 4/22/15 and don't plan to test till then, but I am hoping someone else has had these same symptoms and had a positive outcome. Thanks in advance!
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I agree with above that lots of what you are talking about is also what happens to a lot of women before a period.  And it is amazing how when we are trying to conceive and are aware of every little thing our body goes through---  we feel pains we don't ordinarily, notice discharge, etc.  And then we can have a strange period out of nowhere which does happen to all women at some point even if that is not typical for them.

It is very early.  I know that I had very few symptoms early on in my pregnancies.  The best thing to do is to stay busy and try not to think too much about it.  Then when it is time to test, take it.  They do make early response tests which I used when trying to conceive---  you can get a positive 4 days before your period is due (I did).  

good luck hon and let us know the outcome!!
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Thank you for your quick response! As someone with both lactose intolerance and a form of celiac I know those pains all to well but can't differentiate which I am having. Conception would have been 12 days ago, and the sex wasn't rough so hopefully I will have good news in the next week!
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It's really difficult to give the answer you're looking for since the symptoms you describe fall right align with menstrual symptoms too. The light pink spotting is usually a good indicator about 9 days after intercourse. This would indication implantation bleeding usually. But if you experience the blood right after intercourse then it could just be a slight tear in the cervix from rough sex.

Having incredibly sore breasts was my first indicator in my pregnancy along with an upset stomach. I was never nauseous, nor did I ever throw up, but my stomach was highly upset those first three weeks (it was comparable to having Celiac disease and lactose intolerance combined).

Best of luck to you both though!
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