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Did I break my hymen or contract STD/infections after mutual masturbation?

I am a 19 year old girl. I is/was a virgin and has never had sexual intercourse. A day ago I met with a guy for casual mutual masturbation and I regretted it a lot. He claimed to be a virgin but I wanted to be safe and asked him to wear a condom for oral. I started doing handjob for him and he cummed some time after that. After washing up for about 5 minutes, he started performing oral on me with plastic sheet acting as a safety barrier. After about 10 minutes, the guy started fingering me slowly at first but got deeper and faster. I closed my eyes and asked him not to finger too deep but I had forgotten what happened as I kind of enjoyed it. The thing is, I requested  not to have sex because I didn't want to lose my virginity or break my hymen.

After the session, I packed up and left the room. I didn't have any bleeding during or after the fingering. I had a nightmare the night hearing voices of people calling me a ****. When I woke up, I checked my underwear and was glad that I didn't bleed. On the afternoon, I was feeling unwell and noticed heavy bleeding on my underwear. I got a shock out of my life and wondered if it's due to me breaking my hymen or contracting STD from the mutual masturbation. I really didn't know what to do or what caused that to happen. I don't know if people can get diseases or STD from mutual masturbation.

I had fingered myself several times before this and hadn't noticed any bleeding. I regretted it so much as I didn't wish to lose my virginity to fingering or contract any diseases.
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Well, you are careful which is great.  Condoms and barriers are excellent to ALWAYS use.  However, this all still continues to give you anxiety (nightmares even) so it might be best to stay away from this type of sexual activity with other partners until you are emotionally ready for it.

Hm.  Well, it would be very odd for you to have bleeding from a broken hymen so long afterwards.  And STD's don't really cause heavy bleeding.  Is there any chance your period came on?
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Indeed, it was my period. Thanks for clearing my doubt.
Oh good!  I'm glad it was just a period (just is probably ignoring what a pain it is. lol).  good luck and come back when you need us!
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your hymen can break for many reasons, masturbation is one of them, riding a horse, using a tampon, bumpy bike rides etc are all ways you can "break" your hymen. Many girls don't even have one! losing your virginity is the act of a insertion/sexual intercourse, which you did not have. Even if you don't have a hymen, you can still be a virgin if you did not have sex. I hope this clears some stuff up!
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