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Enlarged lymph nodes caused by cysts?

Hello, I had a UTI 3-4 years ago, I think it caused enlarged lymph nodes in my groin region. However over the years in the right hip crease I feel a deep pain, keeps me from walking normal and it's like someone is jabbing their finger in the hip crease to check lymph nodes, except it's all day and night. No stretching or strength training has made it go away at all.  Could this be caused by cysts instead? I have PCOS, endometriosis is suspected so I have an IUD (Mirena). My IUD is a little displaced but my NP said it wasn't an issue since the hip pain came two years before then.
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It could be endometriosis or even a chronic (not acute) appendix acting up. Why did you settle on it having to be your lymph node?
Settled on lymph nodes because the pain is where I have a large patch of swollen lymph node. I assumed a cyst grew in there and is causing pressure. I do have some GI disorders so maybe I'll talk to them as well?
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