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I finger my gf vagina after that her weight is increased, has she become pregnant?

I am 21 year old and my gf is 20 year old .We met in a Park on 27th Feb.first time that day .I put my finger in my gf vagina.A few days later I saw my gf has become fat.Now I am a little scared that she is pregnant or not.so please anyome are clear my doubt
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I might also add, since the time span you are describing is February 27 to March 6, women who are pregnant are not a visibly different size in only a week.
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Hi, no.  This is not a risk for pregnancy. You can't get a girl pregnant by fingering her.  A penis inside her vagina is how she will get pregnant.  Do not ever do that without a condom on.  The penis can give off sperm before full ejaculation when inside the vagina so this is why you shouldn't even put it in without a condom.  But your fingering your girlfriend is not going to lead to pregnancy.  And please don't call her fat.  All women gain and lose weight from time to time. Hormones can fluctuate and it can lead to weight gain during even their one month cycle.  They can gain weight when they are happy and not trying to micromanage it.  And your goal is to be encouraging to her so she feels good about herself.  But pregnancy is not a concern here.
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Thank you mam I am little scared from 2 days because many comments on Google page are says that fingering are reason for pregnancy .
Well, you can find things online that are incorrect every day. If a guy ejaculated into his fingers and IMMEDIATELY inserted the fresh ejaculate into the woman's vagina with his fingers, there is a possibility that some of the sperm in his semen would not have gotten exposed to air and therefore would not be dead by the time they got inserted into the woman's body. Then, she would have a risk of pregnancy.

But if you had not ejaculated, your fingers would not be dangerous to her (at least with a danger of pregnancy. They might have been dangerous to her because of the kind of bacteria that is normally on hands; if you are going to go in for fingering, wash your hands and keep your nails perfectly clean.) But since you didn't mention having ejaculated, it doesn't sound like you would have had the slightest chance to get her pregnant with your fingers.

There are some reliable websites for the basics of sex education (not just what "they say" on Google). Try Planned Parenthood, they have a teen questions about sex section. Just be sure you are getting your info from a site geared to education and not just a chatroom.
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