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I had my last period ened on may 28 and I haven't had one since what's wrong?

Hi I was just wondering if something is wrong with me. I haven't had sex or anything and I'm still a virgin, but every since I started track for the first time it seems my periods are getting further apart and I'm worried. They were pretty regular until May, and then it was 32 days apart. (which it a little weird for me they are usually aaround 26 days apart) Since May 28th though I haven't had one and it's been 48 days. I don't know if it matters, but I've had my period a little over 3 years. Could someone help me?
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your periods still might not be regular yet
dont mean to sound stupid but what is track?
you could have a hormonal imbalance such as PCOS which is what i have and it causes me to have irregular periods
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This is probably because you are very physically active. It happens a lot in female athletes. Your period will even sometimes stop. I would check with yur doctor just to be sure.
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