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Im 16 weeks pregnant & I have a yeast infection & BV

I took the a 3 day monistat suppository & when that finished I took the  metro gel for BV medicine. Should I have waited to take the BV medicine since now I getting a
white clumpy discharge? If left there too long it seems to irritate to me. Do I need to retreat the yeast or will it clear once I finish the metrogel??
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So, this is the problem with antibiotics. They treat one thing and then bam, you get a yeast infection and have to treat that.  Especially during pregnancy!  My doctor prescribes duflucan which works well for me and is so easy to take for yeast.  I'd get that script from your doctor if you have insurance that covers it.  Know that a lot of this gets much better as soon as you have the baby.  Congrats on the pregnancy by the way!
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It wouldn't particularly hurt to re-treat the yeast, once you finish the full run of the metro gel.
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