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Pain/discomfort inside the vagina on the left side (more details down)

Hey guys, this is gonna be a long post so sorry in advance. The past 4 months I've been living a nightmare with my vagina. It started half way through January when I got what I thought to be a simple yeast infection (the clumpy discharge, itching and soreness). I've had yest infections in the past so I wasn't too worried. I just used the fenticonazole suppository and waited for it to pass. And it did, for like 3 days. Then I had my period and it came back with the same symptoms. I thought that maybe my period has messed everything up so I waited for it to pass and used another suppository. Again, the infection cleared up and I was fine for maybe a week? I had sex with my partner (of 13 years) and 3 days later I got another infection, but with slightly different symptoms. My discharge was very watery for a day and during sex I could feel a weird smell coming from down there. It wasn't foul or anything, maybe sour? And then the clumpy discharge and itching came back. I got tested and was positive for yeast and BV. Doc prescribed a course of Metronidazole and suppositories for yeast for me and my partner got treated as well, just in case. Again, my infection cleared up and I was fine for maybe two weeks? I can't even remember. But it came back again after having sex.. I went back, tested positive for BV again and was prescribed Clindamycin this time. At this point I was so done with it that I almost had a mental breakdown. I finished course of Clindamycin and used some boric acid suppositories as well afterwards. And it didn't come back since then, I think it's been a month or so. But my vagina never went back to normal. My discharge is not the same, it looks fine at a first glance but I feel like I'm not getting as much as I used to in a day. After my last treatment, my partner and I started using protection during sex because I thought that maybe my vagina needs some time to get back to normal.

Now, I have felt a weird sensation on the inside of my vagina on the left side for some time but I thought that it was just some irritation from everything that it's been through and that it'll go away in time. But that doesn't seem to be the case. Tonight after taking a shower, I decided to insert a finger and feel around the area. And while I couldn't really feel anything there was still so much discomfort on the left side wall of my vagina.. I am at a loss as to what is going on and if anybody has any experience with this, please feel free to share.

If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading.
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