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Is this the reason why I gained weight?

My boyfriend used to do fingering for me and even he sucked my vagina. We didn't had sex only once he kept his penis from backside not deeply he just kept in between my legs and removed immediately once he got the cum.His sperm didn't go inside me but I'm worried because  I gained weight....can it could be the reason I gained my weight?
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Are you worried about being pregnant?  I am trying to tell from your post if he inserted his penis into you?  The activities of fingering and oral sex are not risks for getting pregnant. But if he penetrated you, then yes.  You can take a home pregnancy test 2.5 weeks after this occurred to get an accurate answer.  
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He didn't insert penis into me
So, he rubbed it in between your legs from behind?  It's doubtful that this would result in pregnancy.  So, no.  I don't think your weight gain is due to pregnancy or this activity. But get some condoms because you sound very close to having actual sex.  
Ya he just rubbed between my legs from backside not even he touched my anus when he was doing that sperm released and immediately we removed and it didn't go inside me.so I will not become pregnant right?...
If his penis tip was right by your vagina when he had the orgasm, there is a risk, but if it was nowhere near, you should be fine. How long ago was this? If more than two weeks ago, you can take a home pregnancy test and get an answer.
It happened only one time how could anyone become pregnant without having sex .Is it possible because his penis didn't touch my vagina at that time of his orgasm just that liquid was between my legs and immediately cleaned the entire part neatly.This happened only once
What I said is that if his penis tip was nowhere near your vagina when he ejaculated, then you should be fine. All you have said is he ejaculated "between your legs." If the ejaculation was on your legs far down from the vagina, no problem. If it was up where your legs connect to your body, then the question becomes whether any semen reached the vagina.

You are asking if weight gain you have had indicates pregnancy, which makes it sound like this event was more than two weeks ago. When a woman is concerned about pregnancy and the event that she is worried about was more than two weeks ago, she can take a pregnancy test and stop worrying. That was why I mentioned a pregnancy test. But in your shoes I wouldn't waste time doing one if you are certain the ejaculation was low enough on your legs for there to have been no chance semen got to your vagina.
my girlfriend was a virgin in her 20's. her boyfriend never penetrated her just like your boyfriend, only rubbed her with it and came.  one time it did result in a pregnancy.  sadly, she was a virgin while having an abortion.  
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