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I've been on my menstrual cycle for over 4 years consecutively.

I was never really into the whole sex thing until I met the right guy. When I started having sexual relations, I was 18 years old.
A few years later, (age: 20) I had my first well woman's exam and all was natural.
No STDs, I had a clear bill of health. Only been with one guy. Three days AFTER my woman's exam, I started my period.
**Back Tracking-- I started my menstrual cycle at 13 and had irregular periods. Sometimes I'd have them lasting 1 day, sometimes 3 days, sometimes 3 weeks. And sometimes I would have two periods a month. (Example: Have one that last two days, and 1 week later I'd start again.) So it's never been a 'normal' lifestyle for me.**
**Fast forward 4 years after the exam. and LOTS and LOTS of cramps and mood swings later.**
I've gain a lot of weight since I started, not going to denying being fat already.
I have went to many, many,  many doctors. And the end result was always the same. "You're fat, lose weight, exercise, eat right and you'll be okay."
Not lying. I'm completely serious about that quote. Okay, I get it. I'm fat and need to lose weight. Not going to happen when I cramp so bad I can't even stand up sometimes. I needed help, and got denied. Time after time after time.
Finally... Three months ago I found a doctor who would actually listen to me.
I have blood work done, no shocker here, I'm severely anemic.
They put me on: Zoloft 50mg, iron supplement, and nerve medicine.
I get a referral to see a OBGYN.
Made the appointment and she does an exam on me and refers me to a specialist to have a vaginal ultrasound.
She puts me on : Medroxypergesterone  10mg
And since I'm on anti - depressants it limits the birth control options for me. So..
She puts me on: Ortho Progesterone 28's
I started the Medroxyprogesterone and by the 8th out of 10 days, I finally stopped my period.
It was amazing. I was happy and had energy. A dream come true for me.
I have my ultrasound done and I told her all the symptoms I have and had have and told her that my doctor thought maybe I had PCOS.
She straight up rejected that idea because "with PCOS women don't usually have their period at all."
She's doing the ultrasound and I'm bombarding her with questions and she's nice enough to explain what I was seeing and what she was doing.
I'm told that the bumps all over my ovaries are follicles. And that it appears that I 'more than likely' have PCOS. My ovaries are nearly twice the size they should be, and my uterus is retroverted as well. (She said normal ovaries are 3cm, mine were a little above 5cm.)
She told me that she wanted to send the video she took and the snap shots to a certain kind of specialist before she makes an absolute conclusion.
Meanwhile, the next day, I start my pack of pergesterone pills. That day all is well, that night I lightly started bleeding again.
Next morning I leave for work, by the time I get there and make it to the bathroom I have already filled my heavy flow overnight pad up, bled through my pants and had blood clots bigger than I have ever had.
(Clotting is normal for me, I've had golf ball size clots since I started 4 years ago.)
But now I'm having severe cramps, HUGE emotional outbursts, clots coming out of me as big as lemons, and dozens of golf ball size pieces at the same time.
When I go to the restroom I sit and push and push and clot after clot falls out.
I'm hurting like crazy..
I took Friday off of work after I got there. I've been laying in bed since then with my heating pad.
Advil, Midol,  nothing is helping me. Just my heating pad.
I know if I go to the ER I'll just get called fat and be charged for fake Advils and charged $500 like I have been before.
I really just need someone's help..
Any advice, ideas on what to ask, even just someone who had had a similar experience.

I'm really sorry for how long this ended up being. But I've had many years of history that added up to where I am now... :(

If you have read any of this, even skipped around, thank you.. You have no idea how bad it is to be me right now. :(
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I'm so sorry you're going through this! The type of bleeding you're having sounds more like fibroids. I know you said you've had ultrasounds done but have you ever had a sonohystogram? It's the same as a transvaginal ultrasound but with the introduction of saline in the uterus to better see what's in there. That's the only way I've been able to be diagnosed with my fibroid.

The anemia can get really bad when you're bleeding so much. You need to get your hemoglobin level checked to make sure you're not in need of transfusions.

I hope you can get this resolved. I totally sympathize with your situation because I've been through a similar issue. I really think you need to go back to the obgyn and get the sonohyst done to see if you have fibroids. It would explain the heavy bleeding.
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My OBGYN called me today and confirmed that I have PCOS and endometrial hyperplasia.
And she said that unfortunately the only way to know if any of the cysts are cancerous is through surgery. But there is a higher chance with the cysts that makes them less likely to be so.
I asked her about fertility because I've wanted kids since I was like 6 or 7 years old. More than anything in the world. Just wanted to have my life straightened out first..
She said with my medical history and the prolonged scarring of my uterus that the chances of me ever becoming pregnant varies but she would estimate out of 100%, that with all the right precautions I'd have a 2% chance of ever conceiving. Because not only do I not ovulate, but with my uterus issues, the egg probably wouldn't attach correctly after fertilization.
So... Thank for your support and for reading my long story.
It really made me happy to know someone could relate even if just a little bit.
(Not happy that you had troubles, I'm not really sure how to word it.) :/
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