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I've had brown discharge for about 4 weeks

So I've had brown discharge for about 4 weeks now but the last couple of days I've been experiencing cramping and lower back pain along with the discharge. And when I do have intercourse the discharge goes from brown to a pinkish colour for a hour or two. Someone help me please !!
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Is there any chance you could be pregnant??  
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I don't think so.  I was just gonna wait for my period to come but I haven't for it for about 3months since I had my miscarriage! So I thought this brown discharge was (old blood) coming out slowly but I don't know
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If you had a miscarriage recently, some tissue could have been retained from the amniotic sac. That can make you have a trickle of bleeding, it happened to me. You might see if your doctor could do an hCG test (to see if there is anything retained that would give you a low hCG count) and an ultrasound. You don't want to keep retained tissue, it can give you scar tissue in the uterus and make it difficult to carry a baby to term.
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I was in hospital and they did a little surgery to get all the left over tissue (forgot what the surgery was called) but they said they had got it all out
Call your doctor and tell him you have been bleeding brown blood for 4 weeks, and you would at least like an ultrasound if not a uterine MRI, to be sure they got all the retained tissue out.
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