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Left ovarian pain. My doctor is stumped

I am 24 years old, perfectly healthy besides ....I started having lower left ovarian pain in July of this year. Very sharp radiating down into the top of my leg and hip. 2 weeks prior to the pain starting I donated my left kidney to my fiancé. I went to the ER had CT scans, ultrasound etc. they thought maybe a small cyst had ruptured. They prescribed nothing and sent me on my way. Now October I starting getting the pain again. (I was switched to a different birth control pill in April.) shooting pain in the same left side which to me feels like my ovary. Pain shooting into the top of my left leg and hip. Even radiating through to my right side of my lower abdomen. I had my normal period on October 16th for 5 days. Then on October 31st I started bleeding again..it started slightly heavy then was spotting. Still the pain. I bled on and off for almost 3 weeks. I started having pain &  bleeding after sex. Now still taking my birth control pills I should has started to get my normal period on Sunday the 16th of November. I have not got it yet. I went to a OBGYN  today. She did a pelvic exam said I look healthy. She did a Pap test, ordered some blood test as well as a urinalysis. She told me she is "stumped" she does not believe I have a yeast infection or STD. SHE thought maybe kidney stones? Or a thyroid problem? She told me I did not need a CT or MRI scan because my test results in July looked normal. She said "I've done all I can think of. If these test come back negative you need to see a family doctor for a follow up ..perhaps your problem is stomach or GI related ..or possibly spine." She I got my labs done today. Waiting for results. Can't see regular doctor till Friday. So now I'm here still in quite a bit of pain. I do not believe my symptoms are stomach,GI or spine related. I'm frustrated because she does not believe me when I say "I don't feel right, I don't feel like myself, my left side always hurts in the ovary spectrum. It feels "heavy". I don't see how irregular bleeding, pain during sex, ovarian pain ETC could contribute to stomach, GI or spine issues. I know I don't feel right. Something is wrong. Has anyone had anything similar or have advice ?

Here are the list of all my symptoms (that stumped my OBGYN)
Bleeding/spotting for three straight weeks
Irregular period
Bleeding during & after sex
Pain during& after sex
Left ovary feels heavy, sharp pain
Pain worse after activity or sitting for long periods of time
Blood clotting while spotting..(sometimes large clots sometimes "stringy")
Left leg pain & hip

There is no family history for cervical, or ovarian cancer. My mom has a under active thyroid and my sister has a problem with ovarian cysts.

The OBGYN ordered tests for : CBC, Ferritin, GC chlamydia, prolactin, T4, THS, urine analysis, WET prep Genital.

I'm scared, in pain and desperate for any help
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I want you to do me a favour. Look up Endometriosis and see if the symptoms sound like what you are experiencing. If so let me know. Endometriosis will not show up on an ultrasound.
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Sounds exactly the same as me as to what I had except on the right side. They thought I was having an appendicitis attack but it was just a cyst. I was prescribed  progesterone for 10 days and a lower birth control. It went away and back to normal. The cyst went away on its own. Hope that helps!
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Thank you for responding :) my symptoms seem to be slightly different then the endometreosis symptoms I have found. My period use to be a lot heavier then it is today. I'm sure that is contributed to taking birth control pills. I've always had extremely bad pain 2-3 weeks out of the month. And when people ask me what my level of pain is I simply reply with "I don't know. I'm use to being in pain."  The doctor I saw yesterday just looked at me like I'm crazy. Just staring at me. When she was trying to convince me that it is stomach or spine related I'm sure she can tell in my face I'm not convinced. I know my body..I know this doesn't feel right.  
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