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Masturbation at 40

My wife has just turned 40 an out of the blue announced she and to start masturbating.I am at a loss for words. Why is she doing this?
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Hi, what does "she and to start masturbating" mean? Where you say "and" do you mean "has" or "wants" (or "she and I should"?) I guess I should also ask if you two are in a religion or culture where masturbating is seen as wrong. Or, are you wondering if it reflects negatively on your sex life with her?

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If what you are saying is that you and she have not been masturbating before this, and now you think her interest in masturbating means something has changed to her about the sex you have been having, I would say, probably nothing has changed about the sex with you. Masturbation is just another way to do sexuality, like if you enjoy one kind of food or drink some days and another kind (that is faster and less work) on other days. But please clarify what has made you "at a loss for words" about this, especially if it is something else.
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