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Myriad Health Issues - Need answers, have seen many doctors.

In the year 2000, I had a surgical procedure for the partial removal of my thyroid gland. As of the of the that surgery, I have never taken any medications to assist the remaining Thyroid gland with the regulation of my hormone levels.  I believe that as of 2005, I started to experience certain symptoms. First, my blood work showed that I had a high white blood cells count of  20,000. I had a bone marrow test which came back negative. I have been experiencing the following symptoms: Hives mainly on lower legs region, and sometime on my midsection; Auras, which have lasted from 20 to 30 minutes; sometimes 3 to 4 a day; Blurred vision, sometimes simultaneously on both eyes; Sharp spasms in both left & right regions of my back, which last for approximately 1 minute; Anxiety attacks; Memory lose; Moments where I experienced difficulty digesting information if someone is talking to me; and at times, speaking and making coherent sentences; and recently dry mouth. What can this be and whom should I see to get some answers? Please Help Me!!!!
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I've got thyroid problems too.  Who knew the thyroid controls so much!  Why was your thyroid partially removed?  Are you on any medications at all?  Some of your symptoms you describe I have too, but they are medication reactions.  I have dry mouth, blurred vision & some times it is hard form to digest what people are saying. I just feel one step behind you know?

Do you have an endocrinologist?  Good ones are hard to find.  Having said that, there is a great website called www.vitals.com.  It is all patient feed back on doctors.  It was a great help to me. Seeing the right doctor has helped tremendously.

I hope I was of some help.

Be Well

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Oh I forgot one thing.  If you are on medications & are looking for side effects, I recommend www.drugs.com.  The have not only the consumer information, but they have the Dr's insert for dosage & side effects.  It is much more comprehensive.

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