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No period. Should I be concerned?

I havent had a period since May. In June I had spotting for a week but not an actual period. Around the time my period is supposed to start, I get light brown discharge, pelvic soreness and period symptoms but no actual period. I have gained some weight and I have been extremely stressed so, Im thinking that might be a reason. I am not pregnant or sexually active.

Does this sound serious? Should I go to the gynecologist?
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Ya, see your doctor.  It's hard sometimes and everything is so intertwined in our health.  Thyroid involves hormones, hormones involve thyroid. A thyroid issue can happen out of the blue too.  By the way, weird question but it was related to my issue with thyroid ---  do you have any depression?  I had a low level of depression.  Not enough where I didn't function but more like dysthymia.  That is linked to thyroid issues.  So, I'm just curious about that.
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Yes, i have been depressed and stressed out. I have been wanting to get my hormones tested for a while now because I have been having really bad pms symptoms for the past few years so I think it has a lot to do with my hormones.
Definitely get your hormones checked. It's all so mixed together.  My thyroid got better 'on it's own' or was it because I started an antidepressant?  Not sure but the link between the two is very interesting.  I was scheduled to see an endocrinologist but didn't have to because all of a sudden my thyroid was back to normal.  Treat one, you very likely are helping the other.  
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Well, it doesn't sound serious but if it goes on much longer, then I'd see your doctor. They really like girls to have a period every 3 months or so at the least unless you are very young.  They may opt to do some blood work where they look at your thyroid function as well as your hormone levels. Both of those intertwine and both can make for very long cycles.  Example, I had periods every three to four months when my thyroid was working slowly (called hypothyroid).  What is your age if you don't mine me asking and is going to the doctor something you can do?
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Hello. I'm 30. I'm thinking it may be hormone related. Do they usually put you on birth control if it is related?
So, in my late 20's, I had an issue with a slow thyroid PLUS I had a natural issue with producing too much estrogen.  This combined gave me that super long cycle, periods every 3 to 4 months.  I'd often have PMS the whole time though so it was a joy.  (not).  Blood work would reveal if it is a thyroid issue or if it is hormonally related.  They DO sometimes give ladies birth control pills to regulate them.  However, it doesn't necessarily help if the issue is a slow running thyroid.  Have you seen a doctor for any type of testing to find this out? That would be your next step.  :>))
Hello. Like you, i am having pms symptoms but no period..which is weird. I've been tested for thyroid in the past and I dont have a thyroid issue...thats why im thinking its hormone related. I will be making a doctors appt soon.
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