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Odd smell and amount of discharge, but all tests came back clear

So for the past 4 months my discharge has had quite a strong odd smell, sometimes I notice it even with trousers on. I also went down on my boyfriend after sex - it tasted so bitter it was hard to continue. There is also a lot of it, I notice it all the time throughout my day especially after sex there is sometimes basically a small pool on the bed. I went to a clinic - they said I don’t have BV, yeast infection and all STD tests are clear, and my diet isn’t great but it hasn’t changed for over a year so I’m not sure what it could be.

I’m not sure if this is a related symptom but the last time I had sex I noticed that my bladder may have also leaked a little bit which was concerning. However, as far as I know that’s only happened once
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I'd sure be suspecting BV if I were you. Why not get tested for it again?
I got tested very recently, in the last week. And the symptoms have been happening for 4 months
I didn't mean it was too long ago, I meant in case they didn't catch it.
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You might also ask for an MRI of your lower abdomen to be sure there's not anything unusual going on in your uterus.
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