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I was pulling out a tampon but when it came out, only half of it was there. I'm 15 and this is the first time this has happened. As grosses this is, I went in there to see if I could feel it and pull it out but I couldn't feel anything and I'm panicking. I called the nearest hospital and they transferred me to the emergency room then THEY transferred me to the advice doctor place but it said everyone was with somebody so I really don't know what to do.
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I'm so glad you noticed it and are looking for help. It's important to get that other 1/2 out ASAP. Can you have your mom call your Pediatrician, gynecologist or planned parenthood clinic and ask them if they can remove it ?  The doctor has special long skinny instruments and lighting to reach in there gently and pull out what's left behind. You might have a little discomfort when the doctor removes it but it should be over quickly. Please don't be worried about asking mom for help. If she's not around maybe you could ask an aunt. Anyone who takes you in besides your legal guardian may need a signed authorization to treat you.  I would think the doctor might put you on antibiotics to prevent an infection.  Let us know what happens ok? If you have anymore questions we are here to help.
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Hi there and welcome.  Well, I've never heard of this.  How would you only have half of it come out?  It's one big swab of cotton on a string.  It looks different when in there for a while, so are you sure only 'half' came out?  

You need to talk to your mom.  before you go to the emergency room, talk to her about this.  good luck
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