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Pregnancy or Period making a return?

I had my last depo shot in October of 2020, it is now the end of March 2020 and i still havent had a period. I have been having unprotected sex and the last time was just around 2 weeks ago. Once yesterday i had light pink smudge when wiping after going to the toilet then nothing all day.. very confused at the moment as i dont know whether this is my period trying to return or maybe implantation bleeding? Have been trying since January to conceive and had slight what i thought were pregnancy symptoms backat the end of January/beginning of February but when looking this up it seems like it may have been side effects of coming off the shot. I have taken a pregnancy test today and this came back negative although as i dont know when my period will return i dont know when im supposed to take a test. Is it too soon to tell and could i potentially be pregnant just taking a test too early?
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*** March 2021 sorry!
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It's always tricky to tell when your hormones are just getting going again after depo.  Makes it hard for trying to conceive as well.  Because you don't know, my suggestion is to go ahead and get a urine pregnancy test.  I'd buy a cheap brand for now so you can have a few of them.  It's going to be the main way to know.  Symptoms are very unreliable in determining pregnancy. They overlap so much with symptoms of coming on your period.  What does your doctor say?  They 'could' jump start you with some hormones to get you going again.  
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Coming off depovira is another story all together my period returned a year after my last depo shot
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