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Vaginal Farts

I’ve had this for a long time now. Most of my farts come from the front. And they do smell so they are not “queefs” I was embarrassed to tell my OB last time, but she says everything is normal. I’ve never had an STD, I haven’t been active in over 2 years and i’ve only had 3 partners. Does anyone else have this?? Google says it could be a vaginal fistula? but I need others thoughts.. thanks in advance!!
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If you are standing or sitting in certain positions, gas from the back end can move under your body and seem to come out the front. Are you sure the gas is actually coming out of your vagina, and not your anus and then just travelling frontward and upward?
I ask, because if you had a fistula that let gas come through into the vagina from the colon or lower intestine, it would let solids and liquids come through as well. Besides, your doctor would have seen or felt it. Did your doctor swab you for BV last time? It could be a combo of trapped air in the vagina making its way out (i.e., a queef) given an odor from BV or remnant of a forgotten tampon, or something like that.
I did have BV, but I took my pill and nothing changed :/
No liquids pass it’s just farts. I don’t use tampons. I’ll def ask next time I go in. Thank you so much for your input!
It's hard to believe the treatment for BV has come down to just one pill. Did you take a two-week course of a pill a day?
(I mean, if you only took one pill, you might still have BV.)
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Hi.  Being a woman is rough, I tell you.  I get it.  This problem is embarrassing.  I will tell you that BV is highly resilient and lots of women take more than one round of antibiotics to get rid of it.  So, if you were diagnosed with that, maybe this is the situation.  I don't know how old you are but something else that happens to a lot of us is vaginal prolapse and that also can be involved in this situation for some.  When is your next visit to your ob/gyn?
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