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What are the chances of me being pregnant after vaginal opening is rubbed by precum?

On day 14 of my cycle, my boyfriend and I were on the couch (clothes stayed on whole time.) He touched his penis occasionally and would wipe the precum off with his fingers. During that time he touched my clit/vaginal opening a few times. No penetration. I'm sure the precum was mostly dry, if not completely, when he touched me but I'm still panicking. The past 6 months my cycles range from 22-30 days but my average is 23 days. On days 20, 21, and 24 of my cycle (roughly a week after being touched) I got cramps but no period. I also have sore boobs, which I usually don't have. My period still hasn't come and I'm now on day 27 of cycle. I had some creamy white discharge early this morning if that matters. I'm literally freaking out so bad that I cant sleep. I want to hear what the chances that I'm pregnant. I have no access to a preg. test at this time.
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Since your cycles have at times been 30 days, don't freak out yet. You could be causing your period to go AWOL because of your stress. There is a (quite slim) chance your boyfriend managed to get you pregnant this way (why was he touching the tip of his penis and then touching you? Is he the king of the stupidheads?) Ask your boyfriend to go to the Dollar Store and buy you a couple of pregnancy tests. He owes you that much, you shouldn't be stressing alone.
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