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Why have I been bleeding nonstop for 16 years?

Yes it really has been that long. I’ve had a few stretches of several months that were more normal, or where I did not bleed at all, but in general I’ve had to wear a pad every day just in case for over a decade, since I turned 18. Every doctor I’ve been to waves a hand and tells me to try losing weight, or tries to put me on a BC pill they tell me may kill me with a blot clot. I have struggles with my weight all my life, so it’s not as simple as they rudely assume. Plus, who feels like working out and eating healthy when you’re literally ALWAYS on your period. Is there NOTHING else I can try to at least help short term while I try yet again to lose some weight and see if that makes any difference? I’ve weighed between 220 and 300 the last decade and the bleeding has generally remained the same, so I don’t really understand. But no Dr will listen to me after they take one look at me and decide it’s my weight. It’s so frustrating but I’m ready to end this bleeding situation. No Dr has ever entertained a hysterectomy with me either, though I’ve begged to discuss it seriously. Please, any help, any advice, I will give any additional information necessary. I’m at my wits end as it’s now destroying my marriage. Thanks in advance...
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A common reason for light and continuous bleeding is a fibroid. Have you had either a uterine MRI or any ultrasounds, to check for that?
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