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Why is it that I treated my Bacterial Vaginosis, and it hasn't gone away?

I was diagnosed with BV in February of 2017, but there's no saying that I didn't have it before then. I didn't treat it fully until August 2018 because the pills made me sick, and I lost the gel when I moved, then it took about 4 months for them to send it to the proper pharmacy. Which is just great. Anyways, I had a check up on Wednesday September 5th, and that's when they told me that my pap smear came back abnormal, as well as having BV, from my test in February 2017. So they did another pap smear this week, and also tested for infections (STDs included). My doctor said that he doesn't know if I have cancerous cells or not, and I'm still waiting on those results, they said it can take two weeks for that. But I also have a yeast infection (Which I get every time I use an antibiotic, such as the gel I used for the BV) and the BV is still present. My question is, why do I still have the BV infection, even after I treated it? Also, I read that it can cause Pelvic Inflammation, does that mean the longer I have it, the more at risk I am to get that? Finally, I'm treating the BV the same way I did last time, if that doesn't work, what do I do from there?
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BV like a lot of things will respond to antibiotics but ALSO will go away all on its own.  It could be that same BV or it could be a new crop of bacterial.  Precancerous cells on the cervix are common and I'd expect that if anything at all.  They burn them off. Try not to worry.  That is pretty treatable. BV is pretty resilient and can take a couple rounds of medication. Especially if you have to go to a line 2 agent that maybe doesn't work as well as the line 1 agent, flagyl. Try to wear breathable, cotton underwear and change them often. If you have a regular sex partner that you have unprotected sex with, they likely should take flagyl too as it can be passed back and forth. BV really is more of a nuisance than anything dangerous. And again, some don't treat it and it does eventually go away on its own.  Yeast infections are common when treating for BV because what is used to treat the bad bacteria (BV) washes out the good bacteria we need to keep the stable ph of our vagina, so then there is an overgrowth of yeast.  Very common.  It's all a big pain, I know!  But it would get sorted out. Let us know about the pap---  was that related to your cervix?  
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