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bacterial vaginosis

Can drinking pure, organic apple cider vinegar "cure" bacterial vaginosis?  I prefer not taking antibiotics and medicines of this nature.
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It's really important that you NOT use acv for treatment of bv. Do NOT drink it and do NOT insert it into the vagina. Acv will kill the good bacteria in your vagina, making your bv worse. Bv is, after all, an upset in the balance of bacteria in the vagina.

Do take the antibiotics they give you, even though I know for many woman, it does not cure them. But there is LOTS more stuff you can do to treat your bv in addition to taking the flagyl or whichever medication you are prescribed.

It can be very beneficial for you to begin taking probiotics (acidophilus). This will support growth of healthy bacteria in your body (and your vagina) and help to rebalance your vagina's "ecosystem." Buy them from a health food store, they have the best kinds. The difference between probiotics from walmart, for instance, and a health food store is that the ones from a health food store are likely to be kept in the fridge. This will make sure the bacteria is still alive when you take the probiotics. The cheap probiotics at walmart likely only have dead bacteria and this won't do you any good. Also, you can insert probiotics directly into the vagina. As for oral dosage, if the bottle says to take one a day, do that. But if the bottle says to take 1-3 a day, take 3. One with each meal.

Be sure to also buy some folic acid and take it every day.

You can insert plain, organic yogurt into the vagina. Some women do this every night for a week. Some do it every night for a month. Some women use tampons, but I opt for a turkey baster. I know it sounds funny lol but it's super easy to use. You can also put the yogurt all over the outside of the vagina for relief of bv symptoms. It works really well :)

If you get really desperate with your bv problem, use the internet to research bv specific diets.

Here is a link for natural cures and treatments for bv, it is a WONDERFUL site:


Some women do state that acv treatment helps them with their bv problem, but honestly, it's just not logical. Acv is great stuff and is wonderful for treating many many ailments but bv simply isn't one of them.

Oh btw, there is a peroxide ****** you can make to flush the vagina with. I haven't tried it but many women say it works great. From what I have read, peroxide does the same job the missing bacteria in your vagina would do.

Lastly, eat a TON of yogurt!!! This will also help replenish your levels of good bacteria in your body.

I hope this helps! Good luck :)
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