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recently, I noticed a mole on my labia majora.  Is it possible that it can be cancerous? I'm only seventeen years old. help me please.. I am really curious about this.
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As with any mole anywhere on our bodies, the possibility of it being cancerous is there. Keep your eye on it. If it changes in any way, grows larger or changes shape or color, see your gyno immediately. Otherwise, just make sure you bring it to the attention of your doctor at your next yearly physical.
I'm sure it's not cancerous, but it's always best to hedge our bets!
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I noticed a flat brown/slightly pink mole about 5mm in length on my labia and I've never had a Doctor take a look down in that area, so I'm really embarassed to check it out. It's never been there before and suddenly kind of appeared. Could it be cancerous?
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