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please help me, 17 and pregnant by a 30 year old.

I need advice because im not sure what to do.
I'm pregnant, things were depressing at the house
with my 30 year old boy friend he was jus rude
and way to serious all the time jus no joking what
so ever. And im not trying to make an excuse,
about a week and a half ago i started talking to
my ex again, and he had asked me to stay with him
for the night. so i did well 1 night turned into 4.
i told matt i was wit friends but i actually cheated on
him. he now knows i cheated and is willing to take me
back the only thing is that i wasn't happy before i was
just stressed we sleep all day and when we was awake
all we did was agrue and it would be about the stupidest
stuff. like t.v. and him smoking which smoking would be
one thing but when he leaves for hours to go get gross
cigs it makes me mad. Im calling about getting a GED
tomorrow but the last time i tried i got shut down. Im starting
a job this wednesday, but he has refused to find one
even tho he'll go to jail in 15 days over passed relationship
child support. please help me.
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Go back to your parents and stop messing around with an ex bf(you don't want that drama). You are pregnant and now need to really step into being an adult very quickly. That means figuring out how to get your GED(should be able to do it online), getting a stable job and saving up money(babies are expensive), and focusing on getting your life together before the baby comes(acting like an adult in regards to how you interact with your bf). If he starts to argue, then just don't argue back, step back take a breath and get back on the right subject. Though, in my opinion, you'd probably be better off without him right now and really should focus on getting your life together. You are still a minor, so go back to your parents and ask them for help. Hope it goes well.    
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Amen, Sista!
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I live wit my parents i have a job. and the school wont let me get my GED i've called everyone i could about it:/ i jus dont wanna argue for the rest of my life.
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Then call another school. Did you drop out of high school? I'm a bit confused why you are going for your GED. If you're still in school, you can switch to home schooling since you're pregnant and finish your education, graduating on time as long as you keep up on the work. Otherwise keep calling around and find a place to get your education.

No one wants to keep arguing with people, so learn to just not argue. If he says something nasty, don't respond. An argument only happens if you let it and continue to participate in it. You can stop an argument if you want to, just don't give in and say something back. Calmly respond to the question and if you need to, just agree to disagree. Though, for right now, just stay away from your bf. He is a mess from other things you have said about him(not paying child support for other child(ren) he has). That's a real winner right there.

All joking aside(about your bf), you deserve better than that and you need to get your life together now. Make sure to get your GED, get more hours at work (if possible) to save up money, and focus on bettering yourself for your little one. Are you planning to go to college or another type of continued education? I highly recommend it, especially in this economy.  

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i am in an online school right now, it is only holding me back tho. thats why im trying to get my GED.

i start work tomorrow. so more hours wont happen for awhile. i dont know about college i dont have money or time right now but maybe in my future.

as for my boyfriend the only thing im not sure about is are future and wether or not my baby will be happy. and im not sure the love we have for each other is the same as it was before.

thank you for your help.
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