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soupy vaginal odour

i've bene having this really bad smell from "down there" for awhile now. it smells kind of like soup, not fish, i usually feel wet or sweaty.  i've never had sex and there is no actual discharge.  i shower every day and have recently started using an all natural, unscented vegetable glycerin soap (i thought perfumed soap was the culprit).  i constantly have this smell, even after i shower.  i often wear pantyliners even though i'm not on my period because the wetness in my underwear (which are cotton) is really uncomfrtable.  i've not changed my diet or started any medications, and since i'm a virgin it can't be an STD.  i have a doctor's appointment next week for a birth control perscription (i'm getting married and won't be a virgin anymore...yay!) so i could ask him but i'm kinda shy about that.
can anyone help me figure out what this is?
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It could be a bacterial vaginosis.. or maybe a yeast infection. When you wash your lady part.. Do you clean the inside? Many ladies do, and this is a BIG no-no. This can cause a disruption of your normal good bacteria in the vagina, thus causing a bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection. Wear cotton panties and loose fitting clothing to make yourself more comfortable. Plus cotton undies makes the area down there able to breathe so it would be less likely to get a yeast infection or anything. Don't use douches either as they are harmful as well. The odor you are smelling most likely is just from the sweat though.. This sounds more likely to me.. Some women sweat more than others, hun.
Anyways, be sure to stay away from douches, don't wash the inside of your vagina, wear cotton underwear and pants that aren't skin tight and bathe daily.. This should help some of the odor. (baby powder can help too.. just a small amount to absorb the moisture)

Good luck and congrats on your upcoming wedding dear!
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I don't do that, so could it still be bacetraial vaginosis or a yeast infection?
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