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weird genitals

heres the scoop.. I am a 17 year old female and lately have been learning about genitals and things.. since i was about 12 i noticed i had enlarged labia not huge but big enough to protrude.. i learned about the clitorus and played around with it and when i decided to  take a look i was completely caught off guard.. i spread my enlarged labia minora and saw no clitoral hood and in the middle where the labia joined there is a small pea size lump that appears to have a hole.. i have always been incredibly embarrassed by my labia that i gave up my dream of playing high school volleyball because i didnt want the doctor to examine me down there.. i would think something like this would have been noticed when i was younger. i am hella scared and am shaking while writing this. i dont want something to be wrong with me. does anyone else have this?
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everyones labia and female parts all look different.. the lump you see with the hold in it, is probably your urethra (pee hole).. i dont think you should be worried over this
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Why do you think a doctor would examine your genitals in order for you to play high school volleyball?  He'd probably just examine your heart and lungs.

Google betty dodson, or even Wikipedia, and look for stuff on normal labia.  They all look unusual and every one of them is normal.  

If you don't want to go to your regular doctor because you would die of embarrassment, go to Planned Parenthood and get a pelvic exam.  Lay it onto the line with the gynecologist and ask if there is anything wrong with your clitoris.

Good luck!
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