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what okay and not okay to do with a yeast infection?

This is my frist yeast infection and i've been on meds for 3 days now.
I was wondering if I can still work out?(i normaly do 5 times a week)
Aslo my bf was lightly rubbing my clit(it didnt hurt ) and i had an orgasim..but i heard its not good to have sex with a yeast infection ..so is that okay, will it affect my recovery?
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I'm not sure about the working out part since I don't but should :)  but it's not really good to have intercourse with a yeast infection, for the reason you can pass it back and forth between the two of you.  Now what you and your bf did should be ok and I don't think it will affect your recovery as there was no penetration.  Good luck to you!
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I was told not to work out when I had one.  I think because yeast thrives in damp warm places.  plus your immune system dips a little bit after your work out.

I was also told not to use tampons while I was recovering.  I had one once that lasted three weeks!  It turns out that the stuff u buy at the store only kills 3 kinds of yeast.  There are like 10 different kinds.  So if you still aren't feeling well in a week, I'd see a doc.

ANewlife is right.  You can pass it on to ur BF, if he's not using a condom.

I hope you feel better soon.

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