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I have been urinating a lot. Will that effect my pain meds?
Will heart meds cause the runs?
I am on 2/10 mg oxy's and 4/10 perc's for 12 days. how do i wean off?
How do you edit your questions?
Sorry i asked the ? wrong. I have been urinating a lot. Will that make my pain meds less ef...
Are there any good pain docs around Dover NH
Is it a good idea to take a drug holiday? So I wont get used to them. I know it will be har...
My back surgeon wants to help me get into a pain clinic. He is giving me percs for now. He ...
I saw the pain clinic yesterday. I have been 10/325 4 percs a day. He wants to keep me on t...
Will 3 5/325 Percocet be enough for me?