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When im done peekng i can just push a lil as if im peeig and more will fill up then i release and push it out and i can do these "emptyin...
am a fit and healthy 40yr old and had a health check. the ultrasound in ab area showed that my gall bladder had polyps. how should l var...
Please I am desperate for some help!!! I'm in bad pain!! I am having sharp stabbing pains on my right side. This started about 1 week...
My friend's 16 yr old daughter has been in & out of the hospital (mostly in) since June. A little over a year ago she had her Gallbladder...
I have had annual US to follow polyps. Needed CT scan to another issue but radiologist says "gallbladder is distended with 3 enhancing m...
I've been struggling with digestive issues and debilitating pain for a year. I'm a 5'4”, 135lb, 33 year old female. I have a healthy ...
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